Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Honours Scandal: Alleged Justice Perverter Lord Levy Arrested (Again)

Iain Dale is the Met Police's official spokesman it seems with a 17:46 pm story that LL (that's a man who already has his big P by the way and can now give freely without recriminations and innuendo) is again assisting that nice Mr Yates with his interminable enquiries.

Is it true that Yates is a born again Tory and that Fawkes and Dale are the big knobs at his Masonic Lodge?

How did Dale beat Fawkes to it? Guido was slacking at the supermarket and deftly uncorked some champagne before blogging (18:26). By the look of the graphic he'd already had a quart of JD, though there is a cheeky click through.

At least I (just) got my casino story up quicker. (And there's now breaking news on what a Lib Dem clot was saying before the announcement. More on LoL very soon.)

There really should be a law against all this wasting of police time. Stick the SNP in gaol!

IMAGE: Came from Dale who hasn't coughed on "Who Done It".
UPDATE: Iain relents. It was Theo Spark Wot Did It.

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Eviscerate the SNP, with no merciful beheadings said...

Are there any prisons with good Lawn Tennis facilities? This news could mean a boost for their doubles squad. Presumably the SNP bods are all good at tennis?