Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Casino: Oranges and Lemons Say the Bells of St Clements

While we're waiting for a transcript of his extraordinary outbursts on BBC Manchester Radio LOL would like to remind Cllr John Leech MP that contrary to his gormless assertions (a) there are jobs (b) there are regeneration benefits (c) the casino is not the whole story and (d) all research does NOT point to illiberal suppression of resort casinos.

Key Statistics:

- 70% of us gamble regularly
- 98% have no problem whatsoever
- internet gambling and TV phone gambling more of a problem than slots, wheel or tables
- £250M investment
- 2770 jobs
- £96M annual benefit to local economy
- floor area of casino 5,000 sq m (7%)
- total floor area 70,000 sq m
- other components commerce, sport, leisure, conference, hotels, residential
- major benefits from planning gain payments
- including training for jobs, communit animation, public domain improvements, perhaps social housing
- Manchester commended on plans for downside
- Manchester commended on local job plans
- Manchester commended on ducks in a row
- Manchester commended on deliverability and additionality
- Manchester believed to include one third the casino element of Blackpool (20%)

Cllr John Leech MP may wish to join with the unsuccessful bidders in taking legal action to prevent this terrible day for Manchester.

Really it's just sour grapes from sour lemons. Whether it's a monkey on his back or a chimp on his shoulder Mr Leech is a disgrace. Poor judgement, talking before thinking, boldly going against Manchester success.

More on Lib Dem obstruction and misery in the not too distant future.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I know but apart from all that...

Adele said...

John Leech is a complete disgrace. Every time labour do something good, that signifies Manchester on the up the lib dems make some kind of moan. Seriously they would probably rather nothing ever got better.

Chris Paul said...

They are small c conservatives. In some cases big C Conservatives. they are anti-change. They are risk adverse. They are anti-everything good. Including anti-politics. And they are for quite a lot of nonsense one way and another. The details of the cases posted by "Clayton Bloggart" are crystalizing now, like a rock of crack cocaine, more soon enough methinks.

Adele said...

Change is good tho, a bit scary but good.

As long as you don't forget what history teaches you and what bound you together in the past then change is such a progressive force for good.