Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lib Dems: Ripping Into Leech and Foster on Casino

LoL thought THIS was some good Lib Dem blogging on the attitude of many of their contrarians on the casino and certain other liberties issues.

Oxford Lib Dem libertarian Stephen Tall thinks casinos are fun. Or at least I suppose more or equal fun for most of the people most of the time than some of the other vices the Lib Dems tend to support when they are gathered together.

Fantastically useful comment (again) from "Tristan" who previously blew the whistle on Lib Dem Fair Trade pretensions as LoL blogged HERE. For the record Lib Dems are, or ought to be says Tristan, firmly, categorically and on principle AGAINST Fair Trade in all its manifestations.

Tristan said:

LoL replied:

But what would make your list of top ten Lib Dem "crutch of misery" moments? Mine for Manchester, quickly assembled and in no particular order, are:
- Lib Dems against Urbis, Manchester's Museum of City Life;
- Lib Dems against Manchester's Commonwealth Games 2002;
- Lib Dems against tackling Anti Social Behaviour;
- Lib Dems against tackling the BNP on cross-party basis;
- Lib Dems against police efforts, including on knife crime;
- Lib Dems against Cancer patients and the NHS at Christie and elsewhere;
- Lib Dems against 95% of risk taking and redevelopment;
- Lib Dems against BBC move to manchester and Salford;
- Lib Dems against Casino jackpot for East Manchester;
- Lib Dems against 2003 "Troops Out" approach to Iraq.

I will blog some or all of these when I get the chance. Other nominations are very welcome indeed. Please use comments or idea at mcr1 dot poptel dot org dot uk.


"All Lib Dems Are Lying Scumbags" said...

More sins for consideration. Using this format:-
- Lib Dems against a black, muslim, woman being a candidate for reason of her being those things;
- Lib Dems for teasing and joking in the Town Hall along homophobic and racialist lines;
- Lib Dems against one of their own who tried to out drug dealing gangsterism by another candidate/member;
- Lib Dems for using race-based versions of leaflets either side of Leeds Road in Oldham;
- Lib Dems being for "power at all costs" and therefore going for a zero politics option;
- Lib Dem dancing a delighted war jig on hearing that the Iraq war had started then deserting all further protests;

Punny Zoologist said...

Is that a gambling chimp (gamboling?) or an ordinary chimp on the out-of-his-depth-ones hunched shoulders?

An Environmentalist said...

Lib Dems against all actual moves to improve city centre air quality but for cleaner air

Bill Poster said...

Lib Dems against fly posting, against stopping fly posting, and for allowing flyposting in their day jobs

Chaim Weissman Institute of Israel said...

- Lib Dems for speaking up for freedom of speech of allegedly extreme anti-semites

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems in Rochdale allying themselves with the highly dubious MPAC.

MrCy said...

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