Sunday, January 21, 2007

Early Day Motion: Some of Them are a Bit Crappy

There are some MPs generating some weird and wonderful EDMs out there. Their plaything at only a couple of hundred pounds a pop. Here's one which Croydon Tory Andrew Pelling MP has sponsored which ticks all the boxes of out of constituency, inappropriate if not actually insane, and a waste of public money.Useless EDMs rarely come quite as useless as this one. But I suppose their might have been a mix up at birth and if so this MP who has already shown an interest in the South West in several written questions and EDMs might be the perpetrator.

Then again, from an early age the Tory Andrew Pelling (here seen left with colleagues as a GLA councillor) has had a fascination with dogs dropping, or dog's droppings. Or something like that.

FOOTNOTE: As an owner of three beautiful if sometimes idiotic dogs I have the greatest sympathies with the bereaved owner. I have visited his fine chippery and shop in Cornwall. He certainly knows (a) how to cook fish; and (b) how to charge. But while this EDM shows this particular Tory's caring side - without trumping his leader's Husky airmiles - it is clearly a pile of doggy doo and an inappropriate use of public funds.

UPDATE: the Daily has blogged this story here with numbers for the MINIMUM cost of each EDM as £672.23. This amount should be taken from any MP who plays this game every time they abuse this privilege. Pelling should get a blog if he wants to suck up to pet-bereaved friends.


Andrea said...

"There are some MPs generating some weird and wonderful EDMs out there"

in terms of bizarre EDMs I would underline those 2:

Chris P said...

What was the handwashing amendment attaching itself to?? Will check anon.