Monday, January 22, 2007

John Leech Watch: Still Open For Business

Not so long ago I started a strand on Thomas Graham's excellent site. The strand was supposed to be about the sour-faced, crumpled and gum chewing John Leech's idiocy in being inseparable mates with Willie Rennie MP on the question of cluster bombs.

This alliance is not going to detract from his reputation as the most lightweight MP from any party of the last two elections. Possibly jointly with Rennie. E-politix should have an award for that.

Why is this association idiocy? They may be flat mates. Or not. I don't know. But Willie Rennie MP is apparently still a co-owner and director and consultant for a company called McEwan Purvis. PR and lobbying for baby killers.

Willie Rennie's firm lobby and merchandise - including with Willie's support for their company's great reputation - for Raytheon Scotland Limited (RSL). These are big FO bastard arms manufacturers (fourth or fifth biggest in the world) making baby killing cluster bombs and all sorts of other evil weapons.

And Willie Rennie MP (factory visitor and complimentor) - backed by Cllr John Leech MP - is trying to wash his conscience by continually speaking up against Raytheon's products. How do Willie and John sleep at night?

The Lib Dem defence force trying to protect Johno's reputation on Thomas's site have been making foolish mistakes recently. Like looking up one poster's 'handle' - which is "John Hollicker" on their FULL electoral register (for electoral use only - under pain of £5000 maximum fine) when all their people are actually posting ANONYMOUSLY. Only Thomas and myself and possibly Adele are using our own full names among almost a hundred comments.

Peter H - "I'm not a Lib Dem" - was criticizing the illiberal and hypocritical intrusion of using a private register in this way. But was defending it the next minute. Pretending to be ex-Labour. But quite obviously a Lib Dem and capable of any sort of deceit.

Someone should start and service some other strands here.


Anonymous said...

"How do Willie and John sleep at night?"


Chris P said...

Anonymous 1:48 am: That is scurrilous innuendo.

Adele said...

How about someone starts a strand about the lib dems disgraceful leaflets saying that labour are soft on crime.

I'd have more respect for them if they published their voting records in the town hall and nationally with respect to this issue.

Chris P said...

Someone has just blogged a comment on my Withington Selection tease which is pretty hard hitting as comments go. Suggesting the Lib Dems have been soft on crime and are being on hard drugs as per national Lib Dem policy. The Clayton Boggart has used a Jenny Tongue "cocaine in corner shops" link as their "homepage". There is no need to pay tip fees with free sources like this coming out of the woodwork. Does anyone know who - apart from Kenny - is a strong anti-drugs campaigner in the Lib Dem group? I'd very much like to track down this Clayton Boggart!!!

Anonymous said...

Not ***** *********. He's all for them. Though he's not in the group just yet.