Sunday, January 28, 2007

Manchester City Centre Parking

Adele blogged about the raging controversy on extending paid parking hours in Manchester City Centre which is being conflated with possible congestion charging in a few years time. She quotes much of the letter from Cllr Pat Karney and my mate Kathy Crotty who is our candidate to try to oust one of the inadequate Lib Dems and hold off the Tory challenge.

The famous Tory Troll Cllr Iain Lindley (Salford) said...
Oh, come on Adele! This is a blatant u-turn based solely on the need to reduce the political fall-out. Are you seriously suggesting that Cllr Karney was not party to the original decision?

But obviously he, Iain Lindley, is well wrong, as usual. The idea that Karney or Crotty had any input into this plan is completely and utterly ridiculous you Tory Troll Mr Lindley. Any more than Karen Garrido tells you what she is about to do - to judge from your many silly contradictions to her policies.

If the MEN print my letter on Monday (submitted before the Karney/Crotty effort) you will see me call for more balance than the extraordinary rants from the paper itself, from the Lib Dem councillors, and from the Tory pretender - who is I believe a professional fiddler?

[Congrats btw to Jake the Fake on securing the PPC for Rossendale. I see he now "lives" in Cheshire rather than Manchester, though he has NOT moved (and he is actually by his own admission based in London where he can suck up best to CCHQ I suppose). ]

I don't say in my letter whether I'm for or against the proposal. Though I have chuckled about it in an earlier blogpost. It would certainly be a very hard sell. Which does not mean it is wrong, or right. But the MEN has recently got very pathetic and suggestible and manic. And the Lib Dem councillor who no longer has a day job, whoops, has as usual tried to mislead everyone. Tory Rob is it seems brighter than Mr Lindley but approximately as ignorant.

- Most developments have the required parking.
- Many residents knowingly go for a no-car lifestyle.
- There is a fantastic overnight garaging option at low cost for CC residents (£7-£10 per week).
- And there is a new car club which is excellent.
- Parking charges are part of the weaponry of congestion and pollution avoidance and passenger transport enhancement.
- Some residents and workers and visitors will prefer this scheme to greater congestion charges.

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Adele said...

Thanks for the plug Chris. Before any charges are brought in, whether that be for parking or congestion; it is an absolute must that public transport is massively improved.