Friday, February 02, 2007

Blinking Blunkett: Plus Professor Rupa Huq and Baroness Karen Chouhan

Dr Rupa Huq has been blogging more which is great as this more than slightly raises the IQ and vastly raises the beauty, charm and etiquette (apart that is from her vile potty mouth swearing) of the whole damned political blogospere.

Here Roops is relating her taking-to-task of the Rt Hon David Blunkett, whose search (with The Sun) on google images still brings up this strange weed, a late panel addition to a general "Goody Goody Racists" debate at the University of East London.

Rubina, Roops' sometime undercover name, has it seems been promoted to Professor and returned to Manchester University, or else BLINK are sadly misinformed. No-one claimed Karen Chouhan was a Baroness. She doesn't have the readies to purchase a big P at today's prices.

Sadly the students will all have to retake Society 101 as they voted two-to-one that the happenings in the BBH really do reflect British Society rather than being some thick-and-rude-girls (TARGs?) on a Reality TV programme. The outcry - including in The Sun, Daily Mail and even The Sport with only The Daily Telegraph as LoL reported at the time bigging up the marvellous Jade (a funny way for an Arts Section Editor to resign) - and the various votes taken are EVIDENCE that post-Blair post-New Labour British Society is better than that.


parburypolitica said...

"her vile potty mouth swearing" ? Surely not.

DrHuq said...

Hey Chris, whaddya mean potty mouth swearing? Potty training maybe. That's what I'm up to in my mumsy role with Rafi. Perhaps having that task on the brain is what inspired the "excrement" comment to Blunkett. See
for a very small picture of me being impassioned about it all and him looking non-plussed.

Chris Paul said...

There was a bit of swearing wasn't there? Flipping heck and stuff. Anyway. Is that you in the top pic? I'm not sure I knew about the excrement thing ... which sounds like potty mouth coming into play.

Did you know the Blunk was going to be there ahead of the evening? Was it embargoed?