Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brown's Cabinet Making: Last Chance to Predict

Fishburn Hedges (which has a drag and drop 'game' as well as their own view) and Iain Dale (bizarre) did theirs before some of the structural clues emerged. Progressive magazine is still open for champagne lovers to bid for a bottle with a superior prediction.

Those decisively OUT of current roles or 'resting' are:
Lord Goldsmith, Patricia Hewitt, Valerie Amos, John Reid, Margaret Beckett, Charlie Falconer, Margaret Hodge

Those decisively IN are:
Gordon Brown, Harriet Harman, Ed Balls, Jack Straw, David Miliband, Alistair Darling, Hilary Benn, Alan Johnson, Yvette Cooper, Nick Brown, Douglas Alexander, Des Browne

May SURVIVE or even PROSPER or take a clunking:
Ruth Kelly, Hazel Blears, Tessa Jowell, Tony McNulty, John Hutton

Bubbling Under:
Beverley Hughes, Caroline Flint, Andy Burnham, James Purnell, Megg Munn, Jon Cruddas, Vera Baird, Ivan Lewis, Liam Byrne, Ed Miliband, Dick Caborn, Phil Woolas, Angela Eagle, Mary Creagh, Angela Smith, Jacqui Smith, Baroness Scotland, Stephen Timms, Jim Murphy

One Time Rebel:
John Denham

Complete Wild Cards:
Michael Portillo, Sebastian Coe, Menzies Campbell, Helena Kennedy, Gerry Robinson, Diane Abbot, Charles Clarke, Alan Simpson, Ken Clarke, John Leech, Shirley Bassey Williams, John McDonnell

GRAPHIC: The Fishburn Hedges platform. Click to enlarge or go and make your own. Not too far off LOL say.


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Chris Paul said...

Blunkett has ruled himself out. That was today. Has there been a U-Turn? Too busy earning £5 a word writing for The Sun. Though I think he expects to get in at the next crisis but one.