Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prime Ministers' Questions: What a Day!

Blair was brilliant at PMQs. A class act. If only he had been singing these last 10 years from a more fundamentally Labour hymnbook. Ming Campbell was very poor. Paul Rowen was absolutely clucking useless. And the one with the Hucknallesque auburn hair and the question of Antidisestablishmentarianism deserved "Am I Bovvered?" and got it.

David Cameron was much better than the Minging Lib Dems. But just as his blandishments were reciprocated his cohorts, most especially those Wintertons and facebook David, were frankly embarrassing. Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn, Arrivedecci indeed.

Ian Paisley - my parents' and brother's MP - was terrific and his wishes for Blair success in the Palestine mission will be shared by us all.

Newsnight's MP panel of Burnham, May and Clegg had an unsatisfactory natter for the Second Estate. Talk of requiring an immediate election from Tories is clearly hypocritical rubbish. And why the Lib Dems are doing a "Black Knight" when they're on 12% is beyond this citizen. Rawnsley, Ashley and Letts did rather better for the Fourth Estate.

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