Thursday, June 28, 2007

Question Time: Has Ming Lost His Zing? (Part Two)

Er, still yes. And Michael Howard is still a liability for his crew. Yvette Cooper was clever and quick. Piers Morgan was clever and a bit slow. Dimbleby teased manfully. I do like him better than his brother.

But we didn't learn much about anything much now did we?


jailhouselawyer said...

Speak for yourself dunce! I learned that Michael Howard actually supports Tony Blair's appointment as a peace envoy. Either he has lost the plot or senile dementia is getting to him before it reaches Ming...

Anonymous said...

Dimbleby is an anti-union scumbag who - when he owned some newspapers - paid his workers even less than the other publishers, and sacked his printers to go to a scab firm.
I'm surprised he hasn't been given a ministerial job.

Chris Paul said...


What THIS Dimbleby? He seems so affable. Next you'll be telling me that knight in white armour Martin Bell was in fact an anti-union scab ...


I am amazed at how many people are wailing at Blair's appointment. I'm not that exercised by it. It (a) keeps him off our shores most of the time (b) although he is hugely naive in thinking it's "just like northern ireland" (I have heard him say that in person) and (c) he does actually have quite good conflict resolution skills. Though he hides his light under a bushel (see last story for anecdote on his listening skills.

The first thing he will need to do is persuade a lot of sinners - just like himself - to leave their history behind them and concentrate on their present and future needs as individuals and as representatives of interest groups.

I think it is fascinating. I think it might work out well, against all the odds. I wish him well with it.