Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cllr John Leech MP: What a Two Jobs Hypocrite!

What a roller coaster ride this Ealing Southall campaign is! Longsight Lib Dem lightweights were used in Tory Grant Schweppes' impersonation scam. And now a Manchester Lib Dem expert on short-changing and two-facedness has been brought in by the Lib Dems themselves to big up their candidate's honourable Full Time intentions!

The crowd held a sign reading 'Shortchanged by Sharma' ... and Local resident Nigel Bakhai, said:
"Mr Sharma has short-changed the people of Southall and they are clearly fed up.
"Mr Sharma's failure to attend Council meetings - despite being paid to do so - just reveals how much Labour takes local people for granted.
"I promise to be a full-time MP and to fight for a fair deal for the people of Ealing and Southall.
"If people want value for their vote, this is what I can offer."

Hee hee, Naughty Nigel could be talking about Leech himself. Still a Councillor as well as an MP and on one or two Town Hall committees. His record hasn't been that great as I recall. Indeed, even if he does make a Council meeting it generally means he's missed PMQs or some other Westminster responsibility.

He is yet to do any real campaigning work there - recorded on his web or in an EDM - for his own ward constituents in Chorlton Park ward. It isn't even in the list of wards he represents. And his list of EDMs supported seems to be thrown ever farther afield.

He appears to use his council payment of £15,000 as part of his party political campaigning funds.

Possibly even to fund that Campaign Organiser job.

Cllr John Leech MP has been most famous locally for his Hospital Hoax when he pretended a couple of weeks before polling day that our regional cancer hospital faced closure. He announced it was saved about a week after his election on what seems to have been a rather false manifesto. Leech's material was even handed to chemo and radio therapy patients.

And they even issued a denial that it was a hoax - on April Fool's Day!

Way to go Nigel Bakhai! You are now a laughing stock! Drafting in "two jobs" "Hospital Hoax" Leech to announce you will be full time.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

CAPTION: Sadly the Lib Dems don't identify the Asian Gentleman on the left. Then we have Nigel "Who He" Bakhai and John "Hospital Hoax" Leech. If there's a better picture somewhere please send it on. Thanks.


jailhouselawyer said...

Chris: I think Iain Dale is asking for your support to tell him how it is going in Sedgefield...

Chris Paul said...

I've been over. But Sedgefield is soooo over.