Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Potty Mouths: Guido Shows and Tells with Ali

Guido is boasting of repeatedly receiving stolen goods in the form of PDFs of Campbell's Diaries.

One of the thiefs, an anal creature, has counted all the swear words like some giggly nine-year-old. The count is high. But as this is 15 years worth and hardly matches a week of Guido's comments some would say it has been seriously expurgated.

Or else AC is simply much nicer and more polite than Mr GuF's guests?


Anonymous said...

Yes well said. Guido's blog has gone steadily downhill for some time. The comments section has gone from useful tittle tattle to the sewer, but the rot started at the top I think. Guido seems more interested in Tory totty and Mrs Merkel's breasts than anything useful ... oh and bonking Boris of course. I'm really beginning to think the Tories have lost the plot.

Chris Paul said...

That may be so. Lost a pound and spent a penny. Ooooh, sounds a bit rude.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I've got a theory:

You post some fatuous and contrived nonsense and then send yourself an anonymous comment to which you respond with a witty (and usually obscure) reply which makes you sound like an insider.

In reality, you spend time between trawling all the blogspots you think will give you material to make you sound "in the know" by re-arranging your sock drawer.

It's true isn't it? Just ask your reader.

Chris Paul said...

Nice one stwos. No I did not blog that comment.

Yes I do look for erroneous and ridiculous blog posts in the Tory and LD blogs and show them up, ditto with MSM and the RW.

Clearly there are times when I am an insider and times when I'm not.