Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ealing Southall Blogwars: Dale 0 Watson 7

Well I don't know. Tom Watson has drawn attention to Iain Dale's Comment is Free piece in the Guardian. IDD is, naturally enough, spinning that Tories are in a win-win situation in Ealing Southall with first, second, or third all constituting a great victory for the great leader.

Something like that anyway. It's a bit hard to follow.

Iain has not linked to this guff from his blog and it can be lonely without his greek chorus of male muppets (86%) and hideous harpies (14%). So to keep him company I've posted this comment:

Hardly any comments Iain? Not like your blog then. Then again here one has to be a signed in person with bona fides.
I tend to agree with your thesis. (Second is the prize.) And with Tony Lit lying third by all accounts Thursday/Friday will be very sad days for Cameron's Conservatives. The beginnings of a death by 1000 cuts for poor Dave-id.
Never mind Ealing Southall betting. What are the odds on Cameron being out of a job before Campbell ever is?
The alleged tricks laid at Grant 1234 Shapps' door will mark him out for all time as a Tory with something of the Libdemologist about him.
Meanwhile you Tory Boy Bloggers have missed the story that the Lib Dems sent Cllr John "Two Jobs" Leech MP to reassure the people of Ealing Southall that Nigel Bakhai would be a "Full Time" MP. How very ironic.

Iain (aged 45 exactly) has a hissy fit at Tom (apparently aged 39 and 3/4 here. Apparently both have always wanted to be MPs. Tom Watson has been one - with spells in the government - for years.

CAPTION: It is a little known fact that Am-Dram Iain last year landed a dream role in Panto as the Jester in Snow White.


Anonymous said...

The By-election is certainly hotting up. Here is a sober reflection on the whole sordid affair:

jailhouselawyer said...

Chris: I do like that graphic and may be in the future I might steal it.

BTW, how the effing hell do you get the link into the comment over at my place?

Chris Paul said...

Hi John

Same as in the body of a post. Using square brackets instead of angles you write:

[a href=""]highlighted text for link[/a]

It must be the full URL with http:// or mailto: or whatever it may be. And there is no mercy on getting the "s etc in the right place. But blogger tells you if you get it wrong.

Can also do italics and bold in comments. But not strike throughs [s][/s] which only work in the body of posts.


Best w

Chris P

jailhouselawyer said...

Hi Chris: Testing, testing, 123 testing.

Ealing and Southall by-election result here.

Chris Paul said...

Well done, tick vg, what a good student