Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dave-id Cameron: On Marriage and Commitment

Here's a thought. Every time one of Cameron's Policy Commissions comes up with anything - generally woolly, cuddly, progressive, costly and uncosted but occasionally most of the above plus plain stupid - Mr Dale defends his boss, saying "Ah Yes but, No but, Dave-id has not accepted these findings, we have no policy on that".

So what's all this about commitment? It won't wash. Dave-id and Iain won't even commit to a policy. How can they urge the nation, particularly the feckless poor, to marry ... or else they'll hit us hard in the pocket?


Stephen Newton said...

If this were to come about, the answert would be a marriage of convenience service. This would not just marry people off so they could get their £20, but include a will and pre-nuptual agreement so that they weren't actually committed to each other at all.

Chris Paul said...

Excellent concept. Get it all trade marked and protected asap in case Boris or Norris gets to introduce it all when the Tories finally win.