Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Plans For Nearby Nige: Too Much Already Says ESW

Ealing Southall Watch has done a good job of damning Local or shall we say Nearby Nige with faint praise.

I haven't a clue how to start on Nige's Health Survey. I know nothing whatsoever of his health. Or anything much about him. Apart from the strange syntax on how long he's lived in "the seat" or not. And his strange job title too.

Meanwhile don't you think it is a bit of a dishonest trick to get someone to do a councillor's work on litter, flyposting and drains on an MP's pay and with an office in Westminster instead of at the Town Hall?

But then again they could hardly get elected* to the Town Hall if they were the only candidates, so perhaps it's fair enough.

The picture of LD volunteers is from the Pink Dogster Lib Dem Blog which gives us a clue on how fluffy they are without the nasty boys who have descended on Co Durham like a marauding horde. Hat tip: ESW.

* Actually they have three whole councillors in Ealing Borough, one in Ealing Southall. The Blue Tories rather than the Yellow Tories have been doing the job of whining and moaning. With a bit of luck they are also doing the job of imploding within one term of office. Taking on Gurch the Lurch should assist with that.

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