Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Idiots For Labour: Back on the LOL Blogroll

Good stuff, almost always. It's satirical. Don't fuss.


susan calder valley CLP said...

Really? My comrades right and left think they are supercilious, smug and basically nasty pieces of work, whoever they are....doesn't bother me being a target but someone else I know was seriously upset.Taking the p*** all the time is pretty easy.Not necessarily big or clever.

Chris Paul said...

I tend to agree Susan.

Ripping into something all the time is not big and it's not clever. People can get upset.

I'm very pleased that we are once again singing from the same hymnsheet comrade!

Anonymous said...


Miles said...

We can't really expect to write stuff for - potentially - the whole world to see without some people taking the micky.
Better they do that than anything useful for the forces of reaction.

Chris Paul said...

Good attitude Bro. Let blogging cynics eat the forces of reaction right up.