Thursday, July 12, 2007

E-Southall: Bloomin' 'Eckers, Lit Lives in Chelsea?

So the presumably Libdemologist site Lit Con Watch is claiming. Not only doesn't Mr Twit live in the constituency ... but wherever he may be registered to vote - under some other name entirely - these Lit Con Watchers are saying he lives (as his fortune allows) in Chelsea.

If we believe them the millionaire Phoney Lit DOES NOT live in Ealing Southall constituency. NOT on the new boundaries. NOT on the old. And he does not EVEN live just next door as the fibber Dave-id Cameron claims.

Meanwhile Nige' is still struggling with his plain speaking. "FIRST moved to the seat" (NB not the constituency) "in 1994". But when did he LAST move to "the seat"?

Clearly one might ask why the man is hardly known in the area.

Has he really been in "the seat" for "13 years"? Why has he never made it as a councillor if he is so concerned about litter, tagging and drains? He should have stormed in if he's any good at campaigning for local people on local issues.

Nige' may be Nice. But is he even remotely capable of being a councillor let alone an MP?

Is he really asking to be a £60,000 per year litter and dog poo fixer?

Even Tony Lit - the son of a £75M-fortune dodgy old scrote - sorry dad, that is what they are saying in Sunrise land - seems to have more about him.

Sheesh, I forgot to say: Without doubt Virendra Sharma is the only candidate who can unite and truly represent all the communities in Ealing Southall. Vote Sharma X.

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