Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ealing Southall: Still Making Plans for Nigel

Still Nothing on Nigel. Sorry, but he hasn't even tried a proper fib yet as far as I know. Just promising to get the litter picked up where YOU live. Not very inspiring really is it? More like a pitch to be a councillor - they already have THREE of those, assuming no defections.

Nigel FIRST moved into the area in 1994. That's a strange way to say you've lived somewhere for 13 years? Perhaps he hasn't? And he has in fact already managed a beneath the radar porky? On his only (non unique) selling point.

He has a JOB TITLE shared by no-one else in the world. And his leaflets are being pilfered from letter boxes by gobby Tory idiot boys.

All DULL on the Lib Dem front then.

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