Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Iain Dale: Sadly, Used by his Own Side?

All signs are that reports of Cllr Zahida Abbas Noori's defection were somethingly overstated. Iain Dale however is insisting she has defected once in each direction.

Obviously Old Tom is leading the charge against the Tory disinformation. On the face of it it looks like Mr Dale has been gulled by his own side.

Iain has also been used as an ever so tardy rebuttal route for the Lib Dem Voice story about Grant Schweppes trying to pass himself off as a despondent Lib Dem. Iain reports:

It appears that he had a very easily guessable password on his Youtube account (it was 1234 !!!) and someone hacked into it.
A CCHQ spokesman said...

We have absolutely no idea how this post appeared, however it does appear someone has been accessing his account. The short password has now been changed to something more secure. In past two days he has removed a number of posts from his own YouTube videos which had appeared without authorisation. We will be monitoring the account carefully and can't rule out the activities of our opponents.

And it took them SEVEN hours to come up with that? 1234? And this man is a valued part of Cameroons' shadow government?

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Chris Paul said...

He's still digging. A straw poll of 61 commentators finds that 90% of cats who expressed a preference preferred Whiskas to Schweppes.