Monday, July 09, 2007

Gurcharan Singh: Musical Chairs to a Bhangra Beat! Patriarch to Tories, Just Too Late

Luke Akehurst carries a post this morning saying Gurcharan Singh, a 30-year Labour member, 25-year Councillor, and former Labour Mayor has defected to the Conservatives. Above GS bigs up British accountability.

That chain of his has also I'm told travelled to Paris to represent (?) the people of Ealing in interfereing with French secularisation. I'm told he is also at the sharp end of the British Sikh ex-pat pro-Khalistan (see below) campaign, already lost 10 years ago in the Punjab.

[Piara Khabra told The Sikh Times no less that this 'Khalistan' homeland was 'ridiculous' and 'illogical'.]

The chain wasn't round Gurcharan's neck when he (allegedly, so I'm told, back in the pre-Google day) famously celebrated the assassination of an Indian Prime Minister. "A great day for India!" he is alleged to have said joyously. There was an interesting 2005 discussion strand on events in 1984 (when Indira Gandhi effigies were burnt and hotheads revolted) at the Tapobahn Phorum. Related to a Sikhs in the Square commemoration event on Sunday 6 November 2005.

[Historical note: Following the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi in October 1984 there was a reign of terror in Delhi which is reckoned to have taken 3,000 Sikh lives.]

Back to 2007. The combative, secessionist, maverick, visible, controversial, partying, turbaned Sikh who, like another ante post favourite Sonika Nirwal, did not earn a place in the final shortlist has thrown his toys from the pram. And taken four of his buddies across the floor with him. This is a terrible advertisement for the accountability and loyalty of his tendancy.

Luke's source at Pickled Politics was taken down for 30 minutes or so, but it's now back with a vengeance. The enthusiastic message is "Rejoice! Rejoice! Five Trouble Makers sent to Cameroon". Quite a different reaction than that of Iain Dale who is cock-a-hoop. Which is a grave mistake. Perhaps one of the five is any sort of loss at all. Clues available by request. Meanwhile the Tories have famously lost swathes of Sikh and Conservative Association support themselves. Musical Chairs to a Bhangra Beat!

With Phoney JIT* some might have thought there were already one too many careerist carpet baggers in the Ealing Southall Conservatives. But hey ho, hell no. Iain is rarely wrong.

Pickled Politics also pick out one of the Independent Candidates Jasdev Rai as being uncomfortably close, one degree removed, to the Khalistani terrorist org ISYF. Khalistan being the independent Sikh state which forms the third strand in the visible-Sikh-at-all-costs-irrespective-of-political-masters-tendancy which dubs Labour communalist for NOT picking a Sikh. What delicious irony!

The late Piara Khabra MP stood above all else for a secular social democratic politics for the whole of the community in Ealing Southall. Shame on those who would undo his good work. Virendra Sharma is the best qualified candidate to continue Khabra's work in and for the constituency. Let's hope that people of goodwill and good sense from all communities will realise that.

* JIT = Just In Time. As well as being an infectious guitar pop from Zimbabwe.


susan press said...

Labour is clearly well rid of these five but hardly good news. And from what I've read about this the chosen Labour candidate would seem to be another case of stitch-up by keith Vaz. A grave mistake......

Anonymous said...

clearly a fabulous day for Labour to lose its vice-chairman in Mr. Singh, and five of its nine Southall councillors

Chris Paul said...

Susan: While I would certainly have supported an AWS (and backed Rupa rather than Sonika) I would never have hoped for a Gurcharan Singh candidacy. Whether it is Keith Vaz or Tom Watson or London Region or local tipsters or other NEC members I cannot see what the argument is that says Labour should have been bullied to have this guy. One of the four others was to be their candidate in the case of an AWS and whispers indicate that their numbers might have carried her against all the favourites.

If she had been stopped at shortlist we'd have had the same trouble. These people really are horribly sectarian, totally dissinterested in the party's fortunes, and no great loss.

Two candidates we can do without. Don't get selected, throw in their "politics".

Anonymous: yes, it's terrific. Good riddance. You pleased with Dave-id Cameron's catches? First Phoney Lit, now this bunch of communalists??

Anonymous said...

in long term it's probably a good news for labour (they don't have them around anymore).
In short term it can be quite an awful news (unless their defections raise Con chances in the byelection not enough to win but enough to stop a LD momentum ending up with an almost even split among opposition parties)

Chris Paul said...

What is the cycle for elections to Ealing council? Are some of these five (and also defectors in other directions) up for re-election, or not, next year?

Anonymous said...

Chris, they were all up last year and so next time is 2010

Anonymous said...

Mr Gurcharan Singh is a staunch Khalistani adn has has encouraged and help create a new younger generation of Fanatic type of Khalistanis amongst the Sikh youth.

Extremist sites like - sikh politics section, and, and extremsit videos regarding Khalistan show the new wave of anti Indian India, fanatical type Khalistani Sikh , he has helped spawn and encouraged.

Good riddance to this Extremist who pretends to be there for the good of the community

Anonymous said...

Yes its important that the authorities keep an eye on this growing fanatacism amongst today sikhs.

They could very well be the new muslim fanatics of the future.

People in repsonsible positions politically should be more careful.

Gurcharan Singh was a joke

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear, the Labour party a fifth of it's councillors in Ealing to the Tories and the die hard Labour supporters can't stop spinning this debacle. Who spin died with Blair. It's still alive and kicking in Brown party. Labour has taken Southall for granted hoisting one old fogey after another. This time Keith Vaz and co won't get their way. The Southall result will give Brown and bloody nose and not a moment too soon. To anonymous who regards sites such as sikhsangat as extremist, I suppose to you a site giving information about the genocide of Sikhs in 1984 is too much to stomach. Talking of extremists isn't Virendra Sharma a member of the right wing Hindu RSS organisation which is a member of the umbrella VHP many of whose member organisations killed 3000 Muslims in Gujerat?

Chris Paul said...

Goodness me anonymous 18:04 I have posted a link to info on the terrible week at the start of november 1984 when 3000 Sikh's died in retribution for the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

But Gurcharan is said to have celebrated that assassination. That sort of thing is hardly the way to go when people are already angered. Not the sign of great potential as an MP. Is it?

I would not call retributive killings on that scale a genocide. Sadly they have happened too often in India and with various permutations of killed and killer down the ages.

I'm not sure it helps your case linking V Sharma with these other organisations. But I'll investigate.

As I already said these kind of things are all too common in India. But the secular politics of Piara Khabra - which I honestly believe Sharma is likely to continue - is surely a better way to go for Ealing Southall than Gurcharan's proposed sectarian hell.

Anonymous said...

This is proving an interesting election, now Labours candidate Sharma has been exposed as an a RSS supporter. These were the fanatics that killed Mahatma Gandhi and whose founder based the organisation on Hitlers Nazi party.

I can also see panic in the old guard of Labour when educated professional Sikhs are coming to fore.

Anonymous said...

A good link showing the human rights violations against Sikhs by India. These are all reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. I suppose some people will call them fanatics.

Anyway Labour should have been sensitive to all people who respect human rights and checked if Sharma had links with the Hindu extremist organisation the RSS

Anonymous said...

Chris Paul wrote
>>What is the cycle for elections to Ealing council? Are some of these five (and also defectors in other directions) up for re-election, or not, next year?<<

Chris I wouldn't be looking forward to the council elections so soon, given the mood in Southall I would say a few of the remaining Labour councillors might be wiped out in these elections. What you a mascochist or something?

Anonymous said...

'The late Piara Khabra MP stood above all else for a secular social democratic politics for the whole of the community in Ealing Southall.'

Err... does this include the Somalians? Somehow I doubt it!


Its interesting how so many of you have so many negative things to say about G Singh yet, whilst with Labour, he was more visible, active and involved in community affairs than Khabra ever was...

Chris Paul said...

Well, sorry to ruin a serious of four stylish anonymous posts. Is there something about owning up to your identity when you make accusations and pass comments that scares you?

No point in fisking these comments without knowing where they are coming from.

Council elections are in three years however.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, I suggest you check this site that supposedly is talking about the genocide against sikhs!!

As you will see that it actually is promoting nothing but HATE, PRPOGANDA, adn a new WAVE of EXTREMIST SIKHS.


YOU WILL SEE HOW THESE SIKHS - FANATICS, make fun a of a dead man, just because he didnt supprt their Fascist extremist views.

You will also see how thya are openly agaisnt Virendra sharma because HE IS A HINDU, Yet they know nothing of his policies!!!

They ignorantly refer to Mr Sharma in a racist way calling him a Bahamn ( slurr on the word Brahmin).

If u read pages 9 - 13 you will see your own site is also referred to in a not so flattering manner!!!

also check out,, www.jattworld,com, - miri piri section.

The new terrorsits of the future are teh Sikh Khalsitanis who will be giving the muslim fanatics a run for their money.

there are too particualrly racist fanatics on - Sikh politics section, from Southall and Hayes - calling themsleves Sarpanch and Militant Singh ( inspired by gurcharan perhaps asn they keep posting asking people to vote for him, and making racist slurrs).

Serious action needs to eb taken by the Police and authorities agaisnt these racists!!

Anonymous said...

your soooo right anon, these sikh fanatic sites are the result of corrupt politicians influencing youngsters throught the medium of gurdwaras, just like muslim maulwis influence the muslim youth.

i saw the sites you refer too, and cant beleive the blatant racism and propoganda.

Mr Sharma a memeber of the RSS ?? I doubt it. these peolle on these sites making unfounded allegations to rile up Sikhs against him.

Why becuse they didnt get a turbaned candidate??? What happend to policy being important?

the authorites should definitley intervene.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris I have just read soem threads on - sikh politics section adn the thread abotu Mr Khabra and Gurchran is a disgrace.

I didnt knwo siksh were this fanatic about having a man who has a turban as an MP.

these sites are trouble monger sites full of racism hate ad propoganda.

on www.saintsoldiers there is amn looking quite liek osam bin laden on it, i think he bhindranwala ( a terrorist too, i believe)

Let us knwo what you think of the sites

Anonymous said...

thats - sikh politics section

I thought muslims were fantice, these guys are worse

Anonymous said...

The following is being written in response to a write up by Chris Paul.

I’m not into party politics, but I am a Labour Party member as well as someone who works for the good of the British Sikh community. I find the contents of the article you have written is everything that puts ordinary people off party politics. I am a Labour Party member, but also a person who passionately believes in campaigning for Sikh rights.

Upset you may be with the Labour Party defections, but if you and others thought so little of prominent local Labour Party members in Southall you should have done something about it when they were in the Party. Also I find some of your comments offensive.

Why should Sikhs children not be able to practice their faith in French schools? Why should Sikh teachers, lecturers, police officers in London not be able to freely travel and work in France without having to compromise their faith? What is wrong with Gurcharan Singh showing his support for religious freedoms in France for Sikhs that live there and others that may choose to go and work there from the UK (even Ealing Southall). You are in serious danger of resorting to racist behaviour as you are upset. You should be upset with the likes of Keith Vaz who has put Labour in this position.

You also link Gurcharan Singh with the pro-Khalistan movement and make allegations about him rejoicing after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. Anyone in the Sikh community in Southall or elsewhere in the UK will tell you that Gurcharan Singh’s role in promoting the Khalistan movement in the last 23 years is minimal to say the least?

You however make no mention of the official Labour Party candidate having strong family ties and being the agent and member of a foreign political party – the Indian Congress. How can the Labour Party allow someone to stand as a Member of the UK Parliament who has open allegiances to Congress and will always be at the beck and call of the Indian High Commission in London rather than the constituents of Ealing Southall? This also explains the pivotal role of Keith Vaz, an Indian Government stooge, in ensuring a one horse race in the Labour Party short list.

Given Labour friends of Virendra Sharma have bought up the Khalistan issue and the events of 1984 I thought it only right to share the following information more widely so the opposition parties can challenge the ‘invisible and silent’ Labour candidate that owes his allegiances to the Indian Government and the Congress. Although recent revelations have also shown that as a prominent Hindu he also has close ties with right wing Hindu groups, such as the VHP and RSS.

Congress was not only responsible for the massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs at the Golden Temple Complex that ultimately led to two of her Sikh bodyguards taking revenge for the desecration, but also for the anti-Sikh pogroms that took place in over 130 different cities in India that took the lives of over 20,000 innocent Sikhs following a four day orgy of violence.

India's whole scale military crackdown in Panjab in June 1984, resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Sikh civilians during the Indian Army attack on the Golden Temple complex and the subsequent draconian sweep through Panjab.
Preceding the attack on the Golden Temple there was a non violent agitation for political, religious and economic rights for Sikhs and all Punjabis. This was due to the non fulfilment of promises made to the Sikhs by Nehru and Gandhi on independence from Britain in 1947.

This was the biggest non violent agitation for rights since Indian Independence movement and thousands of Sikhs were thrown in jails for simply protesting for their rights. Many Sikhs were also killed in extra judicial murders carried out by the police.

Under this persecution Sikhs used their historic centre for political and religious rights the Golden Temple and Akal Takht to pursue their agitation. This was nothing new as the Sikh Guru’s had done this in the past when standing up against oppressors, and told Sikhs to do the same if they faced persecution in the future.

Then from June 1984 India launched a brutal attack on 125 Sikh Gurdwaras including the Golden Temple and Akal Takht. Thousands of innocent civilians died during the initial attack with thousands of others being simply disappeared in an army operation across the entire of Punjab. The worst aspect of the massacre was the killing of women and children by the army. (weblink giving full background to the attack)

Media Quotes on 1984

On 4 June, a day of pilgrimage for Sikhs when thousands had gathered at the Golden Temple, army tanks moved into the Temple Complex, smashing into the sanctum and shooting everyone in sight.... Those left alive were then prevented from leaving the building, many wounded were left to bleed to death and when they begged for water, Army Jawans told them to drink the mixture of blood and urine on the floor. Some 3000 dead, including many who were only unconscious, were piled high in trucks and removed. Four months later no list of casualties or missing persons had yet been issued. Then can the army occupation of Panjab with frequent humiliations, arrests and killings of Sikhs by soldiers. It caused a feeling voiced by many ordinary people who had never before been separatists that ...Sikhs could not be safe there.”

Amrit Wilson: New Statesman - 16 November 1984


‘For five days the Punjab has been cut off from the rest of the world. There is a 24-hour curlew. All telephone and telex lines are cut. No foreigners are permitted entry and on Tuesday, all Indian journalists were expelled. There are no newspapers, no trains, no buses -not even a bullock cart can move.

Christian Science Monitor - 8 June 1984


“As long as the army keeps news reporters and other outsiders from traveling in Punjab except on tightly controlled military tours, there is no way of knowing what excesses might be committed”

New York Times - 8 June 1984


“The Amritsar deputy police superintendent who helped remove bodies from the temple grounds said at least 13 of the victims were shot with their hands bound. It was a virtual massacre,” said the Jullundar doctor. “A large number of women, children and pilgrims were gunned down.”

Associated Press - 14 June 1984


“…medical workers in Amritsar said soldiers had threatened to shoot them if they gave food or water to Sikh pilgrims wounded in the attack and lying in the hospital.”

Christian Science Monitor - 18 June 1984


“Mopping up after the death of Jarnail Singh Bhindanwale…the government has now arrested more than 3000 of his....followers. The government has also turned up its propaganda machine

Newsweek - 25 June 1984


“As for anti-Sikh feeling, the word ‘Sikh’ and ‘terrorist’ became almost synonymous in the government controlled media and in the speeches of politicians. The storming of the Golden Temple at Amritsar was reported by most national papers and radio and television in a shamelessly biased fashion.”

Amrit Wilson: New Statesman - 16 November 1984

During the Golden Temple attack, young boys ages 8 to 13 were taken outside and asked if they supported Khalistan, the independent Sikh country. When they answered with the Sikh religious incantation “Bole So Nihal,” they were shot to death. The Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy scriptures, written in the time of the Sikh Gurus, were shot full of bullet holes and burned by the Indian forces.

Other useful points that could be put to the Labour Party candidate, Virendra Sharma, include:

India has not allowed Amnesty International or UN Rapporteur for Torture to be allowed to visit and investigate in Panjab for almost 30 years. What is India hiding?

Three Early Day Motions that were tabled on the 20th anniversary of 1984 are reproduced below and attracted cross-party support from over 150 UK MPs. Would
Virendra Sharma sign such EDMs?

That this House notes with sadness the 20th anniversary of the June 1984 assault by the Indian army on the Golden Temple complex, the Sikhs' holiest shrine, where sacred buildings and historic artefacts were destroyed or damaged beyond repair; further notes that the unprecedented action using artillery and tanks took place on one of the most important days in the Sikh calendar, when there were huge numbers of pilgrims in attendance, which resulted in thousands of innocent Sikhs being killed in cold blood, many with their hands and feet bound, including women and children; is appalled that scores of other Sikh Gurdwaras were stormed by the Indian army throughout Panjab and that thousands of Sikhs were arrested, tortured, and killed, including children; recognises that these actions by the Indian authorities continue to have an immeasurable impact on Sikhs throughout the world; and extends its sympathy and support to the law-abiding, hard working, and well respected international Sikh community.

That this House notes and applauds the efforts of human rights activists in India to highlight atrocities, including false imprisonment, torture, deaths in custody, extra-judicial executions and disappearances, perpetrated against Sikhs in the last 20 years; further notes that it is estimated that over 250,000 Sikhs have been murdered and/or disappeared since June 1984; is deeply concerned that 20 years later the Indian Government continues to deny full access to Panjab to international human rights groups and to the UN Rapporteur on Torture; regrets that thousands of families are still waiting to know the fate of relatives who have disappeared; and calls on the Prime Minister, on behalf of the estimated 700,000 Sikhs in the United Kingdom, to lead the international community in demanding full access to Panjab to international human rights groups and the UN.

That this House notes with sadness the 20th anniversary of the November 1984 pogrom against thousands of innocent Sikhs in a matter of days in cities across India; further notes that Sikhs became the target of organised violence with murderous gangs swarming into Sikh houses, hacking the occupants to pieces, chopping off the heads of children, raping women, tying Sikh men to tyres set aflame with kerosene and pulling Sikh passengers from public transport to be lynched or burned alive; recognises that Amnesty International in a memorandum to the Government of India, complained that far from being spontaneous expressions of popular grief and anger as made out by the authorities, the killings were the outcome of a well organised plan marked by acts of both deliberate commission and omission by important politicians of the Congress and by authorities in the administration; believes that investigation and criminal proceedings are long overdue; and calls upon Her Majesty's Government to take the lead in the international community to establish an independent UN inquiry into the failure of successive governments in India to take sufficient actions against those responsible for the events of November 1984.

1984 to the Present
In November 1984, thousands of Sikh civilians in New Delhi and other major cities, were systematically hunted down and murdered in their homes and on the streets; with the open complicity of the Indian police.

• Over the last 25 years, India has imposed a regime of gruesome repression and murder on the Sikh population in Panjab. Tens of thousands of Sikh civilians have been killed in a combination of staged 'armed encounters' and 'disappearances'.

• Amnesty International(2) and Human Rights Watch (3) have together produced over twenty separate reports, documenting widespread human rights atrocities in Panjab by India's police and army. Torture, arbitrary incarceration, and custodial deaths, are reported as routine and widespread. India has refused to open up to an international scrutiny of these incidents. It has barred Amnesty International, since 1978; and has refused to permit access to the UN's Special Rapporteur on Torture and Disappearances.

• Many human rights activists, such as Jaswant Singh Khalra (4), have been killed in police custody or 'disappeared' in sinister circumstances.

Human rights should be enjoyed by all people at all times. We believe that awareness of these issues will help the struggle to end grave abuses of the fundamental human rights in Panjab and elsewhere in India. We come from all walks of life, with widely different political and religious views, united by our determination to ensure everyone enjoys basic human rights. We want to give hope to the people of Panjab that justice will be done. At the same time, we strongly and unequivocally condemn the killings of other innocents, including Hindus, that took place during the same period. Acts like these were used to further communalise the situation and impose further draconian measures.

Will Virendra Sharma call upon the British Government and European Union to bear pressure on the Government of India to prosecute those who have committed these crimes against humanity. Will he also call upon the United Nations to establish and supervise in the Panjab a full and independent Commission for Truth & Justice in order to document the atrocities that have been committed over the past 20 years.


(1) Politics of Genocide (1995) by Inderjit Singh Jaijee of the Movement against State Repression, p 41 quoting three human rights groups and three Advocates Generals who researched the killings for the period 1984-1994.

(2) Break the Cycle of Impunity and Torture in Punjab (2003), Amnesty International.

(3)Dead Silence: The Legacy of Abuses in Punjab (1994), Physicians for Human Rights.

(4) A Mockery of Justice – The case concerning the ‘disappearance’ of human rightrs defender Jaswant Singh Khalra severely undermined, Amnesty International (1998

Continuing Violations
The Indian government has murdered over 250,000 Sikhs since 1984, more than 300,000 Christians in Nagaland since 1948, over 90,000 Muslims in Kashmir since 1988, and tens of thousands of Tamils, Assamese, Bodos, Manipuris, Dalits, and others. The Indian Supreme Court called the Indian government's murders of Sikhs "worse than a genocide."
The police arrested human-rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra after he exposed their policy of mass cremation of Sikhs, in which over 50,000 Sikhs have been arrested, tortured, and murdered, then their bodies were declared unidentified and secretly cremated. He was murdered in police custody. His body was not given to his family. The police never released the body of former Jathedar of the Akal Takht Gurdev Singh Kaunke after SSP Swaran Singh Ghotna murdered him. Ghotna has never been brought to trial for the Jathedar Kaunke murder. No one has been brought to justice for the kidnapping and murder of Jaswant Singh Khalra.

Human Rights Reports on Sikhs and Punjab.

Amnesty International
India: Punjab - Twenty years on impunity continues - Amnesty International
Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

India: A vital opportunity to end impunity in Punjab - Amnesty International
In 1996 in response to two petitions filed in the Supreme Court containing allegations of human rights violations in Punjab, the Court ordered th National Human Rights Commission to examine the al...

India: Will past human rights violations in Punjab remain forgotten? - Amnesty International
Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

India: Break the cycle of impunity and torture in Punjab - Amnesty International
Torture and custodial violence continue to be regularly reported in Punjab, despite the end of the militancy period in the state in the mid-1990s. In this report Amnesty International makes the ...

India: AI membership expresses solidarity to the families of the disappeared in Punjab - Amnesty International
There is no abstract for this document

India: Fear of torture/Fear for safety - Amnesty International
Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of at least 100 individuals including social activists, human rights defenders and lawyers in Punjab. Some are being illegally detained in connect...

India : Fear of torture/fear for safety of Rajiv Singh - Amnesty International
Rajiv Singh, a key witness in the trial of police officers accused of abducting a human rights activist has been arrested by Punjab police. Amnesty International fears this is an attempt to prevent ...

India: A Mockery of Justice: The case concerning the "disappearance" of human rights defender Jaswant Singh Khalra severely undermined - Amnesty International
This brief report documents the means used by accused police officers, including delay of proceedings and intimidation of witnesses, in their search of impunity for the 'disappearance' of Jaswant ...

Human Rights Watch

Letter from Human Rights Watch to the National Human Rights Commission of India

On the upcoming decision in the Punjab mass secret cremations case
As the National Human Rights Commission prepares to issue a decision in the Punjab mass secret cremations case, we urge the Commission to order a full accounting of the systematic abuses that occurred in Punjab, determine liability after detailed investigations into the violations, and provide for compensation for surviving family members based on a detailed understanding of the scope of violations suffered by each individual.

Other Screams of Terror
By Meenakshi Ganguly, Human Rights Watch researcher
Published in The Asian Age
People who lived through 1984 in Delhi are unlikely to forget the horrors. After years of inquiries, commissions, accusations and denials, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has, last month, expressed regret for the horrifying anti-Sikh riots that followed the assassination of Indira Gandhi, saying that, "I have no hesitation in apologising not only to the Sikh community but the whole Indian nation because what took place in 1984 is the negation of the concept of nationhood and what is enshrined in our Constitution."

India: Justice Eludes Families of the "Disappeared" in Punjab ...
"Ending state impunity for abuses in Punjab must become a priority. ... We hope it will do the same in Punjab." Smita Narula, senior researcher for South ...

Chris Paul said...

Dear hotheads - anon seeker anon

I'm not going to be covering your leads on Sikh boys being as bad as Muslim boys etc. Such generalisations are of no value. They stink.

Thanks for your cooperation

Chris P

Chris Paul said...

And anon 13:30: I am a Labour member and supporter from a long way from Southall. I wish the NEC had shortlisted Sonika and/or Rupa but I think they did very well - particularly in a by-election scenario - not to select your man. It is not personal. But as circumstances have proved the politics in Ealing Southall are in a bit of a state and perhaps this has lanced that boil.

I found the approach of the Sikh Federation - issuing blunt threats of retribution if no visible Sikh were selected, plus the disingenuity of late re the AWS and the women candidates - well, I find it disgraceful. Utterly disgraceful.

The same goes for all the defecting and back tracking. Careerist communalism.

Where were the threats to the other parties to select a visible Sikh or else? How can Gurcharan Singh now support Lit? They are like chalk and cheese. Including by the way in the fact that Gurcharan has been, whatever else, a long standing public servant and Lit is a long standing self servant.

I have only dealt with Vaz once and on that occasion (dealing with some vile racism in his constituency) we found him very helpful indeed.

If you want to post huge tracts please do it on your own blog and post a link here.

I of course reserve the right to delete humungous posts (and hothead posts of all sizes) in future.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris, Gurcharan Singh was not my man. If we were to have a man I would have preferred Harkirtan Singh from your neck of the woods. From a Labour perspective I believe he as loyal as they come, professional, articulate etc. and yes he wears a turban, which is no bad thing.

I would welcome your views on him as a possible Labour MP.

I think you said 2 of 8 on the long list were NO local. Not sure why someone like Harkirtan Singh was ignored. Suspect he could have united the local party as an outsider.

Anonymous said...

Following a Sikh Federation press release last Thursday The Ealing Times yesterday published the story below. Jagtar Singh, the Vice-Chair makes some valid points.

Sikh by-election reaction

THE SIKH community has reacted angrily to the selection of Cllr Virendra Sharma for the Ealing Southall by-election.

The Sikh Federation, who lobby for more Sikhs to take part in UK politics, say the absence of women or turban-wearing members of the religion has denied local residents a proper choice.

Jagtar Singh, vice-chair of the Sikh Federation says the process has imposed Ealing Southall residents with a Piara Khabra clone - and had thwarted another chance to get the first visible Sikh' - one who wears a turban - or Sikh woman into the House of Commons.

"Our vision is for many Sikhs, born and brought up in the country, to start taking an active part in politics," he told the Ealing Times.

"We expect the Labour party to not only to look to Sikh candidates but also to ensure in safe Labour seats that we will see a Sikh in the Houses of Parliament.

"We were hoping the Labour Party would have put forward a shortlist including women and visible Sikhs so that Labour members could decide - that would have been the best thing in terms of democracy.

"We feel the Labour members haven't had much of a say - the Labour party aren't giving the opportunity or much of a choice.

"The mould is the same; we have a fairly old Asian MP. I'm not saying he is exactly the same as Piara Khabra, but he is a councillor from the same sort of area or background.

"People are not happy there was a shortlist of two."

The federation has now also warned some of the candidates they feel should have been in the final shortlist may now stand as independents. [This was last Thursday]

They say it has not been overlooked that young professional Sikhs have been overlooked by an "aging non-Sikh" from the long list of possible candidates.

1:56pm today

By David Doyle

Ranjit Kaur Samra

Anonymous said...

the bottomm line with these Sikhs nowadays is its eitehr THERE WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!

Thye bascially wnat a Turban Sikh ( doesnt matter wot his policies are as the new MP fro Southall)

Racsim at its ugliest.

They cant stans ot see a Hindu get power. You see the SIKHS balme 900 million Hindus for 1984????

Lets look at the facts :

Prime minsiter Indira Ghandi was married to Parsi and was not a practising Hindu

President Zial Singh who approved ehr order to ARREST NOT ATTACK, BHindrawala was a SIKH

General Brar who lede the army adn decided to order his soldiers to fire back in slef defense was A SIKH

KPS GILL who finished the terrorists in PUNJAB was SIKH

80 per cent fo teh army was SIKH

YET the Sikhs blame Hindus??????

Gurcharan Singh has given many speeches using the local gurdwara as a phorum to cater to tteh young Pro khalistani( Sikh fanatics) types to garner their votes.

He openly gave out Indian sweets on Ascot Gardens after Indira ghandis death


CELEBRATING THE ASSASINATION OF A 74 YEAR OLD WOMAN, by 2 armed Sikh guards using machine guns????

Sikh bravery at its best!!!

and yes I myself hav heard Gurcharan ask Sikhs to promote the Khalistna movement again, just a few weeks ago at teh gurdwara

Anonymous said...

I suggest Chris carefully read my above post

Unity said...


Your anonymous spammer has an IP that traces to Dulles VA, which puts them as most likely an employee of the Washington DC-based Khalistan Affairs Committee.

Professional lobbyist/propagandist a la GIYUS.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris?

Do you think Mr Virender Sharma could sue this site
( ) for defamtion of character , in respect of the allegations made against him in the sikh politics section?

Anonymous said...

Would Mr Sharma sue the Ealing Times for his collegues statement, our very own Sonika Nirwal calling him and friends 'Labours Old Guard'that needed replacing with herself.

Anonymous said...

Chris you claim that you would have prefered Sonika or Rupa as the Labour candidate? You obviously haven't done your research into why Sonika was not shortlisted. She was not shortlisted due to her lying to that party that she lives in Southall when in fact she lives in harrow. It appears that Gurcharan Singh tipped of the party about Sonika residence with some sort of evidence. This is the reason why she was not shortlisted. I live in Southall and it is common knowledge that Sonika lives in Harrow and has lied to the party and constistuents. I have done my research and have an address of where she lives in harrow. As for Rupa she was told that she doesn't have a chance of being longslisted beacuse she is a muslim. I think Rupa would have been a good candidate. I think Sonika is an oppurunist like Gucharan, she is a liar who is not well known in Southall. She was asked the question of her living in Harrow when she appeared on DESI radio prior to the selection process she was could not answer the question yet did not deny living in harrow. She was never the front runner in the election, this is a title that she gave herself whilst raising her profile in all the newspapers.
She would she reprimanded for her lies and asked to step down as a councillor, if she does not live in the Ealing borough then she should not be able to stand as a Councillor here. The party feared if this information was leaked to the press it could be damaging for the labour party. The Labour Party are aware the Sonika has broken the rules, yet have done nothing.

Anonymous said...

This article comments that Sharma is the best person to carry on Khabra's work.

What exactly was Khabra's work?

I've lived in the area for some time and I haven't seen any evidence of him achieving anything.

Oh well, Virendra Sharma appears to be a chronic underachiever too, so maybe this article is correct!