Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sedgefield: "Oh Go On Mr Cameron Give Us a Hug!"

Not sure why Lib Dem Voice published the link to this? Labour activists are on hand to provide a backdrop as the gorgeous pouting Dave-id Cameron refuses to respond to hoodies saying:
"Oh, go on, give us a hug Mr Cameron."

I suppose the Libdemologists might just be trying to deflect from the fact that their candidate is a good 50 minute car ride away from being the "local" candidate they normally fetishise.

One of them has also spotted Labour's Sedgefield candidate Phil Wilson enjoying a visit to Trimdon Labour Club with his mates Tony and George.

This will play very badly with all the usual people it plays badly with. In Lib Dem favour: with almost no-one in this constituency. Against Lib Dem interests: with almost everyone in this constituency.

Strange as it may seem they're very fond of Mr Blair there in Trimdon, and they love laughing their socks off at the oaf Bush.

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