Monday, July 16, 2007

London Mayor: Elephants and Unity Never Forget

Unity has celebrated Boris Johnson's elevation to the possibility of perhaps being the gaffe-riddled Tory London mayoral candidate by promoting an ancient civilization. Boris, before he was an MP, being done up like a kipper on Have I Got News For You. Reminded of his tape recorded agreement to help convicted fraudster, Old Etonian, biffer of royalty, and Bullingdon Boy Darius Guppy in tracking down a NOTW journalist the latter wanted to bish. It is probably too much to hope that DG is the unidentified 10th man in the Cameron/Johnson Bullingdon portrait. If not he was perhaps enjoying a night in a cell somewhere. Both Johnson and Guppy make the BNP List of Criminal Tories.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail does a fine job of reporting a thunderous punch up between Earl Spencer and the lad Guppy.

The latter believed, with some justification if the gossip of the day were to be believed (which I don't), that Spencer spent Guppy's 13-month jail sentence trying to get off with Guppy's wife. Meanwhile Boris goes "Ape".

So there you go. Ken - called a reporter a few names. And got called some back - strangely excised from the tape. Boris - recorded agreeing to help a notorious hothead find a scribbler for a proper old fashioned, but non-fatal or at least not premediatated as fatal, kicking.

Which thankfully never happened due to Boris' incompetence which also saw him sacked from the Times - for making up quotes.

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