Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mini Motorbikes: Riders Now Dead In Gutter?

This morning unusually we have been treated to a couple of early doors hoodied mini motorbikers buzzing around like proverbial gnats.

Just as your weary blogger was thinking "you have delighted us long enough", and after an hour of ASB they suddenly stopped, stone dead.

Presumably these helmetless and clueless riders have now met their maker? Or a Police Community Support Officer and a crushing defeat?

Between the BBC web story linked first above and the BBC media player clip here from the same page the death toll had increased from four to six.

Manchester, naturally, is top of the police league for detecting and crushing the things (right).
Dear Neighbour, you have been given fair warning.


Diablo said...

Did anybody shoot anybody? No? Well how unusual for Manchester.

Oh no I was wrong. Of course, there were three shootings today in your fair city. Something to do with gangs I gather and revenge killings. Well, as Tony said: "Tough on crime; tough on the causes of crime."

Ten years of Blair and Brown don't seemed to have much difference, does it Chris?

Chris Paul said...

Excellent comment there at the end Diablo. The rates of fatal shootings and fatal stabbings have hardly changed in the last 11 years. Shootings still well under 100 per year. Compared to the American Dream of runaway capitalism and supposed liberty with 11,000 for just five times the population. Anyway the little yobs with the mini bikes have not reappeared this morning and theory 1 that they are dead in a gutter somewhere is gaining credibility.

Thanks for your visit you part time blogger Diablo. Reliably entertaining; yet reliably lacking in real content, argument or insight.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the case that the "pig farmer" who allegedly supplied the shotgun which flyposter MF used to kill another flyposter in central Manchester some ten years ago was actually Diablo's neighbour in rural and gun free Derbyshire?

Here's what they say on their blog (last updated 20.7 with some whining about Broon:

The Blair/Brown era and all their shenanigans with our money and freedoms over the last 10 years have been disastrous. The centre-right have to build a consensus to get themselves back into power or face oblivion for a generation. This cannot be allowed to happen!

Meanwhile centre-right young capitalists in Manchester are shooting at each other and Camerons conservatives might as well be.

Oblivion for a generation! And after that oblivion for ever! Hurrah!