Sunday, July 29, 2007

World Athletics Trials: Jo Pavey Running Solo

The BBC claimed just now that Hayley Yelling was going to run the women's 5,000 metres at Sports City this evening. But having seen H run a useful 15:37 for the distance last night at the Longford Stadium I would have been surprised. Jo Pavey is not going to run that much faster though she hasn't had the benefit of a pace maker and a mixed field.

Hayley ran in some special 5k track races put on for those who without the standard for the world trials. All the first eight in the A race set new personal bests ... Jonny Mellor was second in 14:08 and my protege Tarus had held him to one second on the same track AND taken one of his road race records. Not here though.

At least a couple of them now do have the qualifying time! Carl Hardman from my club was 5th in 14:18.2 knocking more than half a minute off his best. Great strides too in the B race.

Very well done to Dave Norman for putting the event together. Thirty years ago it would have been a ridiculous to suggest that male endurance runners were the Cinderellas of our sport. But just now that's the case.

At these "self help" races 12 guys knocked up to 3% off their best times - the same % as 0.3 seconds in a 100m or an extra foot in the triple jump. A little investment in these and our marathoners could pay huge dividends.

Jo Pavey did pick up the pace over the last five laps and ran 15:17. Picture shows Hayley (left) and Jo when they won gold and bronze in the European Cross, 2005.

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