Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Newsnight: Manchester Casino, Brown Field Homes

EM is coincidentally presenting Newsnight. Pickles and Laws are a bit of a handful. Cooper is good as gold.

On the Manchester Casino today's happenings look like a bit of a hiccup. My instinct however is that despite the appearance it's not all over.

All bets are not off. My 'Nap' is that Manchester will answer every problem with a sensible answer. Pickles in particular was speaking up for Manchester and Plan A.

On the Brown Fields Homes there is a lot of talk of concensus from Pickles and Laws, accompanied by a lot of sniping and misinformation. Cooper stayed cool.


susan press said...

I'm with Roy Hattersley, Gordon Brown and John McDonnell.The supercasino policy was a disgrace to the Labour Govt.Gordon's "moral compass" is absolutely right on this one.

Anonymous said...

You want a Casino in someone else's backyard.
And you love Gordon.
Which way you gonna leap now?

Chris Paul said...

Susan: We know.

Miles: You are horrifyingly inaccurate.

Casino- I am prepared to accept a casino if it is the only way to get the other 94% of the regeneration. If there are other ways then so be it. If there is a suitably sized and available brownfield site and the same need for jobs near me I'm happy for it to be here. Perhaps we could stick it on Hough End with an annex at Marie Louise Gardens? Would that suit?

As your "route one" MP Graham Stringer huffed and puffed yesterday the idea that Mcr hasn't thought of other regen anchors as well is perverse.

Brown - Mr B is the leader of our party. This was always likely. He is an improvement on the last fella and his crew. I accept what I cannot change (for now). And I know the difference.

I thought you said it was Susan that was "impossible"? Are you still trying to out do her?

Ooops, should I have said that?? Never mind. i am a situationist and I don't do delete.