Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Most Crying Wolf: New Blogging Award for Iain Dale

Utterly wrong again Iain. Mr Dale claims that Ms Emily Maitlis has been banned from writing for The Spectator. This is happily utterly wrong. But that hasn't stopped the Tory Boy Bloggers attacking the BBC, the licence fee, the whole world. It's all so unfair! Ten more years for Labour. That sort of thing. Prospect of a 90 year Labour Dynasty (cf Sweden). Tories disintegrate as dinosaurs who forgot to mutate. The BBC cheer!

Anyway. The truth is that rather than being banned from writing EM must not accept the title of "Contributing Editor". This is a totally different story, and not much of one at that.

Emily Maitlis is a canny writer. And she'll be back! Whatever Iain says. He's described his gaffe as a BBC U-Turn!

PICTURE: Illustrates EM's linked Spectator Diary. Yet another Award Ceremony. As Host.


Anonymous said...

That one has hit the spot. Dale hasn't even come over with his "that's typical of you" hissy fit. He must realise he's done in on this one.

Chris Paul said...

Go and get some sleep bro. If Dale is not here it probably means he is pretending to be a lib dem on some newsgroup or blog or youtube page ...

Anonymous said...

Why is Emily allowed two jobs and John Leech only one?
I say - if there are two jobs employ two jounralists.

Chris Paul said...

Er, because EM is not out of her depth?

Two journalists would of course be cool. The Sun could employ half a dizen for what they pay Blunkett. But that's another problem.

Today Dale is wrong. Today we celebrate.

BTW How many jobs do you have mate? And are there any unemployed members you know able to knock out a celebrity diary for the Speccie?