Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tories: A Snooze Party, Not a News Party

Conservative Home is calling the Lib Dems heartless for not being in attendance while they blethered about alleviating poverty - a life long priority of most Tories, particularly the serial Non-Exec and Banker Oliver Letwin, in the Chair. Perhaps they could produce a picture of the heaving Tory benches during a recent Lib Dem debate to show this isn't just a slow news day. Perhaps Phoney Lit is lost in his manor?

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Anonymous said...

Is that Mad Nad I can see? Leaning to the left to go with the subject matter? But rather closed to the proposals as signified by her crossed arms. And in body language terms isn't that Lib Dem (Laws?) indicating a strong affinity with his leg crossing? Not to mention the leaning to the right.