Thursday, July 19, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Lit Hotheads' By-Election Mischief

In order - so it seems - to assist the Sikh vote for Tory Tony Lit and reduce the chances of "the Racist Bhaman", by which they mean Labour's Virendra Sharma, Sikh communalist hotheads at (registration required) and in comments here and elsewhere are pretending that Dr Rai - the agreed candidate for the visible turbaned Sikh - has committed suicide (above and below top).

This is totally and utterly untrue (above).

Will they stop at nothing? And why are these hotheads favouring the greasy and secular Lit over the man - chosen in a council of bearded Sikhs - who is carrying the torch for them? Perhaps Grant 1234 Shapps has learnt to impersonate Sikhboy text talk? Innit?

UPDATE: Sock Puppet Killer-in-Chief Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads is out to nail the culprit. The originator has only been on the forum for 8/9 days ... around when Mr Shapps was being caught at it elsewhere. Though that must surely be a coincidence?


jailhouselawyer said...

Mr Shapps? What are you insinuating?

BTW, I have updated the leaked postal vote story. The Grauniad claims that Labour and Tory are neck and neck and that the LibDems trail 5 points behind.

Chris Paul said...

The Grauniad has seen the figures - as I have. One version had the Libs only 3% behind. But I reckon they are completely made up and that Isaby and the Torygraph will claim that as a defence.

jailhouselawyer said...

I doubt that the Torygraph can cite the Grauniad as a defence, even if the Grauniad perhaps should not even have published this amount of information.

Chris Paul said...

No, they'll claim that as the figures are made up they haven't breached the law. But they have. Unity explained this on my first tally-gate blog here.

Chris Paul said...

Tim Ireland reports that the Sikhsangat page has been taken down (11 am) and that he is hot on the heels of the perps.

Let's hope this does not lead him to the door of one Grant 1234 Schweppes the e-campaigning mastermind behind all the "at it for Lit" scams.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that Mr Schweppes' full name is Grantivinder 1234 Singh Shapps but that he IS registered to vote under his "street" name of Grant 1234 Schweppes aka as You Know Who".