Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wild Rover: Out of His Pocket Pulled Sovereigns Bright, Labourites' Eyes LIT up With Delight

With apologies to the poets what wrote it. But, as Unity revealled overnight in comments and in the more rigourous and extended form we expect back at base, Mr Lit not only paid £4,800 for a table at a recent Tony Blair departure dividend banquet (below). But also successfully bid just £4,000 - which account he is yet to settle (skillfully circumnavigating the £5,000 disclosure threshhold 'til after the by-election) - for a schmooze cruise with blue stocking Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton. No doubt incorporating a chance to give haphazardly to a political campaign.

Additional reporting from Melissa Kite, Iain Dale's ex-friend, ever since he called her a shit reporter OWTTE, explaining - as a revered authority on both journalism and maturity - that she should "grow up". Happy 45th for today Iain.

Speaking of Blair's departure dividend this also included papal indulgences for some bad boy Tory bloggers which I have so far forgotten to plug.

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