Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lib Dem Voice: Their First Ever Betting Tip

Richard Huzzey is looking forward to counting his £172 winnings, on a spread bet stake of £5.16, if their man beats George Bush's candidate in Sedgefield. He is even urging his readers to send good money after bad. They can "win almost as much" he says with a dabble at 33-1 on the nose.

An alternative way of looking at that proposition is that one could LOSE more than twice as much angling for £172 with a bet of £11 at odds of 16-1 as now pertain.

With a humungous weigh-in of Postal Votes already in the box it must be said that this price is crashing because of Lib Dem lemmings piling in on the back of the LDV nap. Doh! And sensible hedgers covering a 100-1 in the real world with a very small wager. Just in case.

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Anonymous said...

So, the bookies will pay just £1 for every £100 wagered on Labour win and LDV are advising people to make loads of money on a 100-1 outsider bought in to 16-1?