Sunday, July 15, 2007

Glasses Question: Half Empty or Half Fool?

Meanwhile a far more interesting question than the odds on a Geordie shock in Co Durham to these eyes at least is whether the losing Lib Dem fantasist, seen above with Tinkerbell possibly sprinkling more fairy dust on a consolation trip to Paris Disney Land, should wear lenses or goggles for the declaration on Thursday night.

Lib Dems always claim their glasses are half empty. Should their Sedgefield Candidate Focus on glasses or lenses to accept defeat on Thursday night?
He should wear Glasses
He should wear Lenses
He is away with the Fairies
Who cares? free polls
On the face of it it's 50:50, rather like how Lib Dem votes fall in a free vote, being a party of coherent politics and all, but perhaps you'd like to take a free punt on the eye wear question and help this poor Geordie leave Co Durham with dignity? He has agreed to be bound by the result, however grim, and whatever the turnout.

Nigel Bakhai, a more resolute and less weasel tongued man, says he will continue with his glasses half full whatever the result.


Anonymous said...

Presumably more likely to get punched WITHOUT the glasses? Definitely vote for lenses!!!

Chris Paul said...

That's disgraceful. Cannot condone punching Lib Dems however annoying they may be.

I'm voting for glasses myself - to save him being punched by some Tory animal.