Sunday, July 15, 2007

Basher Davis Job: Fake Week Defections, NF Total Democracy, Bercow Coming Over Soon

Sadly Mr GuF has not yet printed my comment on his story about the charming David Basher Davis needing a new HoP worker. Wondering aloud whether Basher would consider an "Out" socialist for the job, seeing as he has scared off the Tories with his brutal constructive dismissal approach to personnel relations.

I also informed fabled fascist fighter Fawkes that the Hounslow Two, the ones Cameron, Murdoch and Dale wrongly called defectors, had reached the Tories via a strange "Total Democracy" community party founded by an ex-NF activist and ex-jailbird.

Sticking in the area of speculation on defections and imagined defections Conservative Home seem, despite their own protests, to be absolutely convinced that John Bercow MP will join Labour at the moment of maximum impact. PMQs Wednesday?

This comes after years of being antagonised by the deeply un-Christian, churchian values of IDS.

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Chris Paul said...

Is IDS looking a bit chubby? And Bercow too for that matter. Does TV add 30 lbs these days?