Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogging: Manchester Awards Nominations/Gala

Nominations are open for the 2007 Manchester Blog Awards. Cash prizes will be awarded in five categories:

1. Political

2. Personal

3. Arts and culture

4. New blog
(open to blogs
begun since
1 September 2006)

5. Creative writing

(HELPFUL HINT: You can nominate CP's LOL for any or all of categories one to four, and who knows add five as a precaution just in case I write something creative)

To nominate blogs, send URLs for one entry in each category to mancblogawards at by Sept. 7.

Please also specify where the blogger is based, if you know.

The Utterly Marvellous Manchizzle will draw up a shortlist after the close of the nominating period, and the winners will be selected by a blogtastic judging panel.

(In order to qualify, writers of the blogs must live within reasonable commuting distance of Manchester. And yes, you can nominate your own blog. Respond in Manchizzle comments with the seventeen questions they haven't anticipated.)

Also, blog book the date, for the winners will be announced and prizes presented as we:

Step away from the computer, it’s the M A N C H E S T E R

Moho Live, Oldham Street
7pm Wednesday October 10, free

A star-studded gala affair in the newer than brand new Moho Live venue on Oldham Street. Riotous celebration of new and engaging online writing, with readings from Manchester bloggers and music from the city’s mp3 bloggers.

We’re delighted to be able to host a reading from Caroline Smailes, whose debut novel, In Search of Adam, was recently published by Friday Fiction, the new fiction imprint from The Friday Project, the innovative publishing company that specialises in putting blogs in print. Caroline’s blog was hugely instrumental in getting her book published, and we’ll talk to her about that too.

Manchester writer and blogger Elizabeth Baines will be reading the final installment of her Blog Story, What would you do? a tale set in Manchester that she’ll be writing in six sequential posts on a blog – with readers voting on what turn the plot should take. To find out more about this project, visit

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