Thursday, August 23, 2007

Manchester Blogging: One of Our Blogs is Missing

Cllr Iain Lindley is a NO NONSENSE kinda guy. Actually got quite agitated when himself and wannabe Rob Adlard were placed in the same room as a suspected drug dealer and candidate of another party. (On the Manchester Confidential site that was).

Incidentally that other yellow bellied party tried to deselect the person who reported the alleged murky behaviour rather than the murky wretch themselves. Strange.

So where has Iain's blog evaporated to? We don't have so many political blogs in Manchester that we can afford to be blasé when one vanishes. And Tories, blogging or otherwise, are almost extinct. So Iain - should we have a whip round? Have you done a moonlight and forgot to pay?


Cllr Iain Lindley said...

Hi Chris,

The problem is with my host - there has been a problem with another site hosted on the same server and the entire server has been taken down for the time being. Hopefully I will be back up and running soon.

I have no idea what you're talking about with regard to drugs, but the suggestion that I consort with drug dealers is open-and-shut libel and I suggest you remove it as soon as you read this.



Chris Paul said...

I am NOT suggesting that you consort with drug dealers. Not one bit of it. What a ridiculous suggestion. Just that a Lib Dem candidate who had been accused of being one by a Lib Dem councillor was reported in your vicinity. This can't be helped sometimes. The story was and is against the Lib Dem concerned. I once lived in a house as a student and one of my housemates sublet their room to a drug dealer. He was a nice chap. And you rather make my point for me. Bright Lights, Big City ... and all that. No I will not remove the post as that would be giving in to ridiculous threats.

Good news on the blog.

Chris Paul said...

Manchester Civic Society have also been put on web hold by the same ISP ...