Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where's Wally?: Destinations to Avoid

Iain Dale is running an interesting survey on where people might relocate if they had the time, money or inclination.

If there is a particular Tory troll who horrifies you there may be a clue soon.

But as for the pleasant generality they seem to be - in geography terms - all over the place.

This particular wally looks like Dizzy who is headed for Greecethe more glorious Greek islands. Where would you go and why? UK destinations welcome.


dizzy said...

I wouldn't go to the Greek mainland

Chris Paul said...

Never said you would. Crete is very nice I find. But some of the nearer islands are nothing to write home about. Lefkas? Nein Danke! Magalouf-lite. Though food and peeps and all that OK.

dizzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dizzy said...

Incidentally, was your post meant to be an insult? If so it's pretty fucking weak mate. I mean... calling me a "wally"? Couldn't you have been a bit more inventive and gone for something like "most festering turd on the planet"?

Note: Post above deleted for stupid typo reasons

Gordon's Gofer said...

Edinburgh... best city in the world. Also Madrid, Bruges and Lubijana are good.

Chris Paul said...

Hi Dizzy. No absolutely not meant to be an insult. You are part of the "pleasant generality" of Iain's clientele rather than the Trolls. Er, most of the time. Just picked up a passing resemblance that's all.