Monday, August 27, 2007

Breaking News: Alberto Gonzo Law Gonzales Goes

2:00 PM: Guardian Unlimited:

"It has been one of my greatest privileges to lead the department of justice," Mr Gonzales said in a perfunctory statement, without taking questions from reporters. He will step down on September17.

"I have lived the American dream," the son of migrant workers said. "Even my worst days as attorney general have been better than my father's best days."

3:30 PM: Guardian's list of other quitters with LOL taking the liberty of sneaking an extra one in:

· Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, chief of staff to vice-president Dick Cheney. "Resigned" in October 2006 after indicted in Valerie Plame scandal.

· Paul Wolfowitz, "Resigned" as deputy secretary of defence in 2005.

· John Bolton, "Resigned" as US ambassador to UN in December 2006.

· Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of defence. "Resigned" in November 2006.

· Andrew Card, White House chief of staff. "Resigned" in March 2006.

· Harriet Miers, White House counsel. "Resigned" in February 2007.

· Tony Blair, Held Bully Bush's coat in Iraq. "Resigned" in March 2007.

· Dan Bartlett, Counsellor to the president. "Resigned" in June 2007.

· Karl Rove, political strategist and close confidant to George Bush. Leaving at the end of this month.

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