Sunday, August 26, 2007

London Mayoralty: Tories' Dirty Tricks on Ken

From the acronym that is PDF provides this report (reproduced verbatim) hat tip ???.

>>>> Conservative London Assembly Member Angie Bray has an article on Commentisfree. As one might expect, it’s a piece of Ken-bashery. As one might not entirely expect, one of its key bases is an appalling, total and utter lie:

Have you ever seen the Venezuelan electoral register? It looks innocent enough at first, with columns for your name, address and polling number. But then it suddenly turns slightly menacing: a long line of columns records every ballot you have ever cast. One of the fundamental tenets of democracy, which guarantees freedom from persecution, is the secret ballot. Yet this is unheard of in Chavez’s Venezuela. This means that if you haven’t voted for el presidente, you don’t get access to vital poverty relief schemes.

An appalling outrage; I can’t believe our mayor is fraternising with such a stealth-dictator. Except that, err, he isn’t. Venezuelan elections are held on an entirely secret ballot basis.

Another, err, not entirely true fact from Ms Bray is:

The Conservative group invited along one of the many dissident groups in the country whose members have had to flee abroad since he took office. Of course, Ken banned them from the building.

Actually, the only person Ken banned was terrorism advocate Aleksander Boyd. In short, if you support terrorism and lies, vote Boris!<<<<

The Boyd link is to news that the clown has withdrawn a legal action against Ken over the decision.


Twat Monitor said...

Err, I am annoyed that I am making a comment on your "waste-of-space" blog. Yes, it is an appalling outrage.

"I can’t believe our mayor is fraternising with such a stealth-dictator."

No, Chris, Ken Livingstone is not your mayor. (You live in Manchester - don't you remember? Wilson and all that stuff?)

But then again you are fraternising with Gordon, the stealth dictator.

Err, err, err.......

Chris Paul said...

Err, err, err "fuckwit" whatever your name is:

(reproduced verbatim) from Sunny at Pickled Politics

Sunny and the delightfully acronymed PDF are I believe citizens in the fair city of London? Is that not the case?? Are you a drunken maniac???

We don't need an elected Mayor to sort things out round here are we have very few Tories trying to mess things up for us.

Only the exceedingly accident prone Mrs Williams really cocking up in fact.

No doubt you, whoever you are, will not be shy of commenting on or reproducing comment on things going on outside your particular locale?

That particular pond of slime you call home?

Ken is a national treasure. Saw him on a train once. In second class saving the people's money. Which was nice.

Anonymous said...

Terrorism and lies?

Well, out of Boris and Ken, only one is happy to welcome and praise the esteemed Dr al-Qadari. You know, the one who thinks it's a noble thing to commit terrorist acts and hang gay people.

Only one welcomed to London a group of people who at that time were carrying out bombing campaigns in London.

Boris, it wasn't.

Chris Paul said...

Small clarification. It is verbatim from PDF and if the hat tip was from Sunny I can't find it any more.

Boris has said so many things down the years. Including some very vile stuff about gay people and all kinds of racialist nonsense to boot.

Ken too. But I can understand why you would want to hide behind cowardly anonymity when you wish to be so silly.

Presumably you are talking about the statesmanlike gentlemen, elected to the HoP as I recall, who later brought peace to the six counties despite much prevarication by their oppos?

And not about Ken as Mayor at all.