Friday, August 24, 2007

Cameron and Dale: Both Absolutely, Totally Wrong?

Well perhaps that headline's a little harsh? Iain does his best. But Bob Piper's picked some decent sized holes in the trite Tory response to this tragic death in Liverpool. So LoL don't have to. But before we get going how about this turn on a sixpence?

Wrinkled Weasel manages to live by paragraph one of their comment for 50 words about immigrants being to blame for everything. And then it's straight back to cheap political points. Very useful I'm sure:


At 1:31 PM Wrinkled Weasel said...
It would be easy to try and make cheap political points here, but it is too important.

... snip ... immigrants are responsible ... snip ...

This is only one strand of the argument, but since the Labour government has been in denial, preferring to call it "multiculturalism" for many years, the problems of the
assault on our culture by immigrants was bound to impact
upon street crime.

You cannot deport people anymore, so unfortunately, Labour have screwed us for the long term.

Oh dear you Tory people. Please go to Channel 4 site. Watch FIVE people comment on this matter.

The Channel 4 news anchor. Mother in Liverpool. David Cameron. Jacqui Smith. And Ken Jones from the Association of Chief Constables (ACPO).

Least sense of these ... was from Cameron who placed the case in the context of a supposed breakdown in society. Sorry, it's not party political Mr Weasel. It's just nous. Cameron has very little of that. Common Sense to translate. He has Toff Sense and doesn't understand commoners. And that is utterly obvious. How could he?

His mum and dad did know where he was at night - at 15 he was "safe" at a comp near Slough ... albeit taking illegal drugs and very likely thrashing fags ... at 19 he was "safe" smashing up some restaurant in Cambridgeshire following a cocktail of er, possibly 'champagne' and Bollinger too.

How could David Cameron possibly understand?

As Iain says this is desperately hard. But Ken Jones was very good I thought. And putting this singular case into some context is essential. As this President of ACPO remarks:

1. This year is seeing the lowest gun crime since 2001. So remarkably that's lower than 2002 and 2003 and 2004 and 2005 and 2006. You would not think this to read most of our papers and blogs.

2. Overall violent crime in the UK is HALF the figure for 1995. HALF. Again, you would not think this to read most of our papers and blogs. Now would you?

Jacqui Smith was again strong and sensible and more than a match for David Cameron I thought. He needs to cut to the chase, leave politics before he is crushed by the weight of his own lightweightedness, and go make some money in the city.

He is not speaking to the problem. He is not speaking to the people. He is looking like a toff with a face like a slapped bottom chewing a wasp. It's not party political. Tony McNulty was steaming crap on there a couple of days ago on a related issue and LOL said so.


EML said...

You loser. If there's anything worse than party politics it is class envy.

Grow up. What do Labour propose for the hell-hole that you lefties have created - I haven't heard much from Brown or Smith, apart from trying to sound tough. Drop-off zones for guns? Oh my. At least Cameron is attempting to think about the causes and how we might get rid of them.

Chris Paul said...

Class envy? What are you on about you anonymous troll you. That's the real sign of a loser my friend. Grow up and come out with your real identity and stop throwing stones as a secret admirer. It's embarrassing.

Presumably you are too young or weak in the head to remember the state of Moss Side and Notting Hill and so on when Tories ruled the roost.

Far from coming up with anything useful - he hasn't has he, just shown he cares (not) by public soul searching - Cameron has take £58,000 from an arms dealer for party funds. Terrific.

As well as making infantry weapons in bulk the guy makes very lovely designer guns and knives for gangsters and spies. Terrific.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

According to Home Office figures there were roughly 200,000 recorded violence against the person crimes in 1995
In the year 2006 it had risen to 1,059,213 so you are either very very mis-informed or you are a liar Chris.

But don't take my word for it, here are the figures from the Home Office

Possession of weapons has risen from 22,250 in 1998 to around 35,000 in 2006, again Home Office figures.

And if you were to look at this Home Office page and click on any link on it for long term recorded crime you will see virtually every graph heading in an upwards direction and for you to claim that crime is falling shows us what a bunch of deceitful shits nu labour actually are.

Facts and figures give the game away Chris

Chris Paul said...

BNP Dave - as you well know you are wrong wrong wrong because there are more to figures and headlines ... than figures and headlines.

BCS is obviously a better indication than detection, reportage or recording. Particularly when we have more coppers and more CCTV.

And as you well know - as you are plainly not as daft as your thuggy mates - there have also been various changes in the way crimes are recorded.

More anon. I'll point readers at your comment too so don't worry that you are being ignored.