Friday, August 24, 2007

Disgusting Exhibition: "Join the Kernow Mosk drekly and become a Musli"

UPDATE 12.30 am: Now reported at one right wing USA based site, and on India Yahoo and India's News which links the story with nearby Padstow's Darkie Day / aka Mummers Day which parliamentarians have tried to ban though local Lib Dem MP Dan Rogerson thinks it's cool.

STARTS: Seems like longer but it is not yet two weeks since Labour of Love brought you the story of the drunks in hijabs in St Columb Major, Cornwall. To be honest we had it down as young farmers, Lib Dems currying favour with their brand of pavement politics, young conservatives, or the local footie club - always game for a fancy dress laugh.

But today's Daily Telegraph (better late than never) links the only named culprit with the local Parish Church!

Not to say not also young conservative etc etc. We will perhaps delve a bit deeper and we do have some better pictures than the Telegraph and Mail have found. Mainstream Media sorts wanting some exclusive witness interviews from people NOT delighted at the skit should get in touch. And if the police are short of someone to make an official complaint so they can make an example of these ruffians then we're here and we will not hesitate.

While it is true that some village idiots were wetting themselves at this hilarious horror - featuring a certain amount of flashing of falsies, hijab hoisting, and ranting - it is also true than hundreds of people didn't know where to look and were plainly mortified at what was a highly offensive display of bigotry, ignorance and, dare I say, I dare, hatred.

The family Love stood next to a group of beach volleyball visitors from Brasil, there were music industry people in the village for the Paulo Nutini etc gig at Newquay, and this display was crass and an embarrassment.

The comments the Telegraph have garnered from local worthies are quite extraordinary and a mosque in this part of Cornwall could actually be a great boon to the diversity and sustainability of the tourist trade. Particularly off season for conferences and other business visitors. Currently the trade is sadly 99.9% monochrome and rampant-hedonist-atheist.

The St Columb Major Carnival was very good -make no mistake - apart from this nonsense.

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