Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tories: Ready for Anything at Brighton Pride?

Iain Dale tells us once again how the Tories are the Party for Gay Rights! LOL respond firstly :

Goodness me. That old Cameron vs Brown gay rights voting record nonsense? How queer!

The people of Brighton are way too Bright to be taken in by that hogwash. As Bob says going for the pink vote in Brighton is one thing but it is not sadly balanced by the same tub thumping in Witney, Congleton and Macclesfield.

And secondly on reading more comments:

News of Newmania's move to Lewes coupled with that Town's fine record of rabid bonfire bigotry brings a smile to my face. This cannot be said for the Young Tories, or Young Farmers or Young Idiots entry in the St Columb Major Carnival Parade last evening.

Would have done well in Lewes though, and on the Tory Clause 28 Stand at Brighton Pride too.

20 drunken idiots cross dressed in hijabs clutching carpet off cuts for occasional prayer miming and "comedy" names like "Miss Poppidomistan" on lollypop signs. How we laughed!

You're right Iain, the (Tory) right in this country has been put to the sword good and proper.


Greater Manchester Fabians said...

Hi Chris

I’ve linked to your blog on

I’d be really grateful if you could return the favour.

jamal said...

I really dont know what to make of your penultimate paragraph!

Chris Paul said...

Hi Jamal

I'm trying to get a picture. But the Cornish Weekly papers (out today) sadly did not include this group in their coverage of this Carnival.

For the avoidance of doubt:

We did not laugh. We were disgusted.

But the rest of the event was quite good really. I'm pretty sure that 99% of those in the village and in the parade and in Cornwall would not approve of this attitide.

Gtr Mcr Fabians: I'll take a look and very likely make a link next update. There are sopme I've linked to for six months plus who have yet to return the favour. I guarantee not to be so tardy.

Best w

Chris P

jailhouselawyer said...

Yeah, right, I would like to see you be less tardy in relation to this so-called blog. Today it is Thursday 17th August, not the bloody Glorious 12th of August...that was Sunday gone!

Chris Paul said...

Sad but true. The Libraries of Cornwall have experienced an unfortunate outage lasting days and days. But now I'm back.

Norman said...

Could we have some more of your thoughts and comments please? A book perhaps?

Such a wonderful informative blog.

Keep up the good work.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Norman

A book deal is surely in the offing. Sincere thanks in the meantime for your kind words and encouragement.

Best wishes

Chris P

Chris Paul said...

Marvellously - as if to make Norman's dreams come true - the Telegraph got our story about the drunks in hijabs TODAY. Nearly two weeks later.