Thursday, August 16, 2007

P(r)oxy Smearing: Signposting London Colemanballs

Good to see Iain Dale staying arms length from some silly smears and innuendoes from the loathsome Tory neantherdal Brian Coleman. The latter has used a New Statesman blog post for a rambling - almost inebriated sounding - string of generalisations about public figures, perceived as being "lefties".

Assuming Iain Dale remains tea total this is not one of the smear he will ever need to defend on his own behalf. But imagine the outrage if it were a commentator of the left saying Boris is unfit for office as he once got sozzled, or Cameron should be hounded out of parliament as he once got high, or that Osborne can't get tax sums right since he overindulged once at conference?

Reading his blog - this Brian Coleman seems to be a nasty arsey old Tory dinosaur who is by turns censorious (of the left) and libertarian (when it comes to the right).

He will allow ALL politicians to take a drink too far at a party conference, even excusing or laughing at or egging on perhaps a rather serious sounding sexual assault by a Tory MP which if involving a predatory hetero Labour MP rather than a predatory homo Tory one would very likely involve some more naming and shaming or at least another gurt dollop of innuendo.

Meanwhile Coleman generalises on the theme of the supposed general drunkeness of three London figures from some loosely alleged third hand and third rate drunken moments or in one case a supposed "well known" medical condition.

Was this "methodist" high Tory Thatcherite actually drunk when he dribbled this nonsense out? Do the New Statesman actually pay for such a garrulous, petty and careless correspondent to vent low rent jibes and gibberish of the worst kind?

They should sack him not give him a column.

Let us not forget that while Ken clearly enjoys the odd glass of red Bozzer and Cam and Oz are stalwarts of a despicable drinking and dining club which kills fox cubs by "stoning" with empty champagne bottles, thrashes restaurants willy nilly and generally engages - to this day - in behaviour that makes a slurring Mayor, a troubled Transport guru, or even a stumbling copper seem like a complete non story.

Nasty man this Coleman. Tell us about some top Tories and some illegal drugs Brian. Or more on this predatory pederast. But forget "man gets tipsy at drinks party" as this is down there with "dog bites man".


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that while Ken clearly enjoys the odd glass of red Bozzer

Ever heard of the phrase "In vino veritas"? Seems to afflict "Our Ken" whenever he has a glass too many. Out comes the raving anti-semitic ravings of the hard left.

But no surprise there then.

Chris Paul said...

What would these "raving anti-semitic ravings of the hard left" be that you smear Ken with? Please do explain. Anonymous, are you out there? With a bit of an argument perhaps??