Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tory Mayoral Candidate: LOL are Backing Boris

Boff is serious and a slasher, ruddy Borwick is into detail except where vagueness serves better, and lightweight Warwick wants to be Chair of the Arts Council or the Design Council or the Tourist Board. Something or other. Not Mayor anyway.

Bozzer will surely have some ideas soon?

The BBC has a story that certain Labour members, uncertain New Statesman readers, and anyone game for a laugh is piling in to the Tory mayoral primary to stop Boris.

Who on earth would want to stop him? I'm Backing Boris for candidate, who could resist his bumbling? :

Back Boris for Mayor of London ... Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my campaign site.
I’m busy working on finalising my priorities for London and pulling together the talented individuals who will make up my campaign, and that includes you. If you have specific areas of interest or knowledge where you think you can help, please do get back in contact via
London is, without a doubt, the greatest city on the planet. However, I believe it can be greater still.
Looking forward to putting a smile back on the face of Londoners ... Boris

The idea that Labour might disrupt the Tory selection as Tory Boy Bloggers suggest and STOP Boris being the candidate is quite extraordinary. Even Warwick who is seeking some different job is more of a threat. And Boff would be a real threat, reminding of old Robocop in the North East. Ruddy Vicky too. Boris Johnson is just a joke entry who will embarrass the Tory Party into oblivion. This fact has won LOL's support.

The fact it is a New Statesman blog witterer and some funseekers rather than "The Labour Party" when the links are perused shows just how floppy and sloppy the TBB's are on fact checking.

Have Labour managed to select any muppets at open selections for Tory candidates up and down the country? Requiring a mere handful of voters? NO? This being so how are they going to overcome the deathwish London Tory party?

Silly Standard. Silly story. Silly TBBs. Up with "man has drink at drinks party". In the Express and the Standard btw Coleman gave evidence of Ian Blair's drunkeness in the form of the allegation that he had been witnessed drinking a glass of wine rather quickly after his speech. Wow!

This is something I did the last time I spoke after a dinner, having stayed more or less temperate up to that moment.

Hardly a dead giveaway of wreckless drunkeness in a free country. Clearly if Sir Ian Blair messes up his work through drink that's another matter. But being squiffy every now and then at a function when the Met continues to improve significantly on most critieria? Not something we'd see in Manchester. But acceptable for second class London.


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