Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dreaming Spires: CAN SO Teach Old Dog New Tricks

prisonlawinsideout: Just because someone expresses something differently does not make them truly revolting says Jailhouse as he sifts through a Dominic Lawson piece which is amidst his current cuttings on the Chindarmo case.

John: It wasn't just that Frances Lawrence attacked the tribunal decision, she also attacked Learco Chindamo and the Human Rights Act 1998. She was lashing out all over the place. Like a bear with a sore paw. It's time that injury was treated and given a chance to heal.

If Dominic Lawson wants to know what sympathy is, that's a dose of it. You can feel for someone without agreeing with what they are saying.

Dom: If anyone could be said to have a reason for becoming 'irrational', Frances Lawrence is that person.

John: I would have used the word cause, because reason and irrational are opposites. Someone who is applying reason is not irrational, and someone who is irrational is not applying reason. The solution here is to apply logic and not illogic to the situation.

There is more than one way to skin a cat education wise.

Dominic Lawson opted for glittering privilege of Chancellor/Socialite spawn via Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford, at least largely, courtesy of the tax payer.

John Hirst at two years of age was opted for Dr Barnardo's Homes where they now "believe in children" but then it was "physical and sexual abuse". More in common than you first thought then?.

Then 35 years as a peripatetic student at Her Majesty's Pleasure - also kindly funded by the Tax Payer.

John Hirst, has Asperger's (you know, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, NB Mark Haddon's latest, A Spot of Bother, eventually rewarding hard work at times. But ADULT, despite the jaunty kids' cover). John has transformed himself from a formidable law breaker to a formidable law maker, beating the powers that be on prisoners rights to vote.

He get's up right wing bloggers' noses enjoying his free speech rights. Which is as it should be, though they try to stop him.

Liarco Chindarmo has been doing the same, getting up noses - though they try to stop him too - with his freely preferred domicile being in the land of his nurture - the UK.

JUST FOR FUN: Name the three seats of learning in an email - please no spoilers - and you will feel nice and warm inside when I announce who's first, and who's whackoest. Click to enlarge.

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jailhouselawyer said...

Chris: Cheers. It's not known as the "University of Crime" for nothing.