Thursday, August 30, 2007

Immigration: Inaudible Dog Whistle, Midnight Bark

Over the Cameron Months we've been treated time and again to complaints from the Tory Boy Blogger in chief that Mainstream Media ignore all the gallant behind the scenes briefing from the Tories. But this morning things were quite different.

While Iain never tires of telling us the Tory machine is out placing and steering stories, that the dratted MSM are not playing ball, that try as they might only the LP gets access, that the BBC are worst of the lot ... none of which claims really stack up, but no matter ... then a glorious day dawns!

Coulson's team bring home the bacon (so far, await backlash). BBC Newsnight provide a huge platform (albeit it with a hidden trap door). Dave-id Cameron steps up. Some say he does a good job. He is not hung immediately anyway.

This "immigration story", whatever it might be, just having the word on the front pages will be seen as a win by the nasty old Tory rump, well that is just something the MSM spotted and chose for themselves. These twitching ears are convinced that it was one of those super-octave silent dog whistles, inaudible even to most dogs. But it is certainly audible to the late shift hounds of the press ... who then spread the word with that old staple The Midnight Bark.

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