Thursday, August 30, 2007

Webcameron: Mandela Event Brilliantly Put Together

Dave-id Cameron congratulates Mayor Livingstone on a brilliantly put together event and President Mandela on being at the height of his powers.

Twisted cynics will no doubt wonder:

- What was student Dave's position on the horror that was Apartheid South Africa?
- Did student Dave join the Federation of Conservative Students' (FCS, predecessor of CF) deliberate boycott-of-the-boycott on Barclays Bank?
- Did student Dave instead oppose the Federation of Conservative Students' boycott-of-the-boycott?
- What was graduate Dave's position on Apartheid South Africa?
- How did Dave pubically or privately oppose Tory policy vs the scourge of Apartheid?
- What was Dave's position on sports tours to South Africa?
- Does Dave endorse his likely mayoral candidate (and Oxford and FCS colleague) Boris Johnson's many marvellous insights into Africa and African questions?
- Could Dave and Bozzer plan a piss up in a South African Brewery?

I'm a Rejoice! Rejoice! man myself. Sinners saved and all that jazz. Well done Dave Cameron. I for one am convinced.


Anonymous said...

Is Dangerous Dave really wearing a funeral suit for this recording? Is that some insider Bullingdon joke? Or a dare from his pal Boris Johnson?

David Boothroyd said...

Libel! Dave and Boris went to Oxford not Cambridge! You can't lay the blame for them on glorious Cambridge, for my great university only ever produced honourable upstanding alumni like Guy Burgess and Sir Anthony Blunt.

Chris Paul said...

Ooops. I did this in reverse to Wilson only last week. Though not in "print". Consider it fixed.

grimupnorth said...

Speaking as a Cambridge alumni , it's unforgivable.

Chris Paul said...

Alumnus Alumna singular. Alumni Alumnae plural. That is unforgivable.