Thursday, August 30, 2007

Newsnight: Cameron Bravura Performance?

Iain Dale links to The Mail's Ben Brogan reviewing Cam on Newsnight:

On immigration he gave the plain answer I mentioned earlier -
"it's been too high" - while making the sensible point that under
Labour we've had inflammatory language but ineffective action,
and that needs to be reversed

Which divides into being half a fair point and half a bit rich from the man who coordinated the dog whistling for the "are you thinking etc" campaign of 2005. Labour would I think rush to agree a bi-lateral cooling down of immigration rhetoric.

As Ben continues:

(that said his solutions - transitional controls for new EU states and quotas - sound a bit woolly).

A bit woolly? Come on! Everything to do with Cam is more than a bit woolly and this was a lot woolly. Looks like a bit of a bottomless pit of emptiness there in the middle of that warm blue coffee table.

To be fair I only caught the last 60 seconds of this live and have yet to hit rewind. But in that 60 seconds and particularly the last 15 I thought that at least two of the esteemed panel were looking at him in a way that said:
"You are completely gaga".

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SPL said...

Indeed. And rightly so. Esler was correct to identify Cameron's inconsistencies, particularly re the phoney disctinction that Cameron made between supporting marriage in general, but not promoting it in the particular case of Flanders.

Chris Paul said...

All over the place by the look of the reviews. Even the favourable reviews.

Yet to make a 45 minute window to watch the thing.

Chris Paul said...

Apologies for the link ... not working for everyone ... at the BBC end I think. But LOL techies are working tirelessly etc etc.

Agog said...

I actually found the unmarried parent female presentre annoying for her "Why pay me £20 a week to get married. I don't need it". Being an unmarried mum is not a lifestyle choice for some of that species and I reckon they should've had a real hardcore single mum to rip Cam to pieces.

Chris Paul said...

I think Steph is herself a Tory? Not many of those to the pound at the BBC, allegedly.

Agog said...

Richard Littlejohn claims she's Nu~Lab