Wednesday, August 29, 2007

LDV Poll: Should Lib Dems Stir Shit on EU?

Lib Dem Voice are running a poll, currently pretty evenly poised, on whether Lib Dems should back a referendum as The Telegraph suggest. Stephen Tall asks:

What do you think? Should the Lib Dems support the
demands for a referendum - after all, we were the only mainstream party to call for one to validate the Maastricht Treaty - or would this simply be pandering to a Eurosceptic media, exploiting issues too technical to be decided by a
simple Yes/No vote?

I tend to agree with reasonable comments from tinter and the reliable Lawrence Boyce.

As a party which locally will call for a referendum at the drop of a hat - but not provide them if in power - the Lib Dem high ups should heed their remarks. Mountjoy (here today doing the old 2+2=5 shuffle on jobs, benefits and gast arbeiters) unintentionally says it all in a comment at LDV - it would be political opportunism of the worst kind:

Yes, because Brown is seriously isolated on this issue now that 120 of his MPs have called for a referendum.

So nothing to do with the merits of the case? Just naked opportunism? This is why I fully expect it to appear all over the place in Focus newsletters in the fairly near future! Surprise me please.

Of course a referendum could be won on the merits if there is an honest debate. Being as this one is 75% electoral opportunism and at most 25% substance then LOL are dubious that could happen.

Might yet be persuaded. So let's have a supplementary question. If there were a referendum should Lib Dems (and indeed other opportunist opponents) campaign against the government? If not, what?

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Mountjoy said...

Not political opportunism, Chris, but simply one of political arithmetic. If 120 Labour MPs will vote for an EU referendum vote, plus all the Lib Dems, Tories, DUP etc, that sounds like an overwhelming majority to me.