Monday, August 20, 2007

Lib-Cons: Racially Challenged Foot in Mouth Mayor

With all the fuss about Boris Johnson's plethora of Colemanballs it would be too easy to overlook those pernicious Lib Dems.

But they're not just putting up a (recanted?) racially incorrect idiot as candidate for Mayor in Southwark. They have just made him - that's Bob "eternal regret" Skelly - Mayor. Labour councillors apparently walked out. Shades of Settle where black trade unionists were greeted by a Lib Dem mayor with a "coon" joke.

Back to Southwark. "They" being Tories and Lib Dems in a Lib-Con Alliance. Example of Bob Skelly's wit and wisdom when the Borough's lead member for Education (2004) :

"Every evening I go out in a big van and kidnap some Caribbean boys. I berate them about their lack of commitment to education and give them a booster lesson in English."

Picture and more from the London SE1 community website.

From which on the plus (?) side ... Cllr Skelly has named the Damilola Taylor Trust as his mayoral charity for the coming year and aims to raise £50,000 to support their work. And another Lib Dem Mackie Sheik who clearly learned his lessons well, in the back of Bob Skelly's van no doubt, was voted in as deputy.

All seems a rather cynical and convoluted piece of race card playing really.

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