Thursday, August 02, 2007

Libdemologists Voice: Grant Shapps At It Again

LDV's Mark Pack has scored another of his exclusives on Tory Campaigning Genius Grant Schweppes MP (above, uhurr just like that). Schweppes said Tories could hold their head up after a gain in share in Ealing Southall, which they'd "not been able to do for years". He was sadly forgetting 2005 and 2006 when this feat was achieved in Cheadle and Blaenau Gwent respectively.

But in fact I seem to recall that that Cheadle by-election was also marred by Lib Dems making quite a spectacle of themselves by complaining about the supposedly "dirty", "scandalous", "despicable", "outrageous" leaflets the Tories put out against them. These pointed out the Lib Dem candidate's broken record as the local Council leader.

Fair enough? The Lib Dems didn't think so and they complained to the media, on their own leaflets, on the doorstep and to everyone who might listen to their whining and whingeing.

But if these leaflets were so very shocking and damnable to our Lib Dem friends are they now going to apologise for using the same stories - verbatim - when they were attacking elsewhere? Yes folks! The dirty, despicable etc Tories copied every word from dirty, despicable etc Lib Dem leaflets procured from Labour friends!

The Hunter becomes the Hunted!

UPDATE: Mark Pack (comments) says there was a Tory leaflet implying their man was a rapist. I didn't know about that.


Mark Pack said...

Surprisingly, I don't agree 100% with your account of events :-)

What the Liberal Democrats objected to in Cheadle were leaflets like the Tory one that implied Mark Hunter was a rapist.

That's the story of dirty campaigning which people from any party should be willing to condemn - and regardless of which party did it.

Chris Paul said...

You do surprise me Mark!!

I didn't know about any Tory leaflet that implied Mark Hunter was a rapist. I thought he was the straight choice and the family man? (joke)

Is this leaflet archived somewhere?

I did understand that Lib Dems were bleating about other material which used your own words and lines back at your man?

Are you saying that wasn't the case?

Kingston Dan said...

I hardly think Labour can occupy the moral high ground on dirty campaigns.

I have in my possession a document called 'Beating the Liberals' - written by Labour campaign staff based on their Lambeth experience.

In it is says, 'Find one flaw and smear them all. Go negative until swamped by complaints. then do it again.'

Chris Paul said...

Hello Kingston Dan

I have never seen this document you mention but surely the bit you're quoting is taken out of one of the many Lib Dem dark arts manuals? A quote of a quote, as these things certainly encourage hoaxing, fibbing, exaggerating, taking other people's credit etc etc.

As my ED has been moved into John Leech's Man Wit domain and he is a famous hoaxer I must say I find all Lib Dem protests of electoral virtue impossible to treat seriously.

I have found the EXACT Lib Dem reference for the Mark Hunter schools story by the Tories and hopefully I will be able to find the "criminal record" model too.

And Mosque-gate in Oldham East and Saddleworth is another mighty nasty Lib Dem masterpiece in these parts. Last time I stood for Council I didn't even kick the ball into an open goal when one of the Lib Dem councillors was suspended over financial finanglings at his workplace.

Best w

Chris P

spotthewasteofspace said...

Gosh, Chris, you got Mark (Mr Bean) pack of the LibDems to comment on your blog. What a coup!

And Kingston Dan too! You're really getting the Dale traffic now.