Friday, August 03, 2007

Marie Louise Gardens: The "Now" Picture

Between those "Before" and the "After" pictures there really ought to be a "Now" and I've had a try at capturing the same view. I had to go much farther back into the park than I expected. More tomorrow.

The park was incredibly quiet. A great place to reflect after attending yet another funeral and wake. Only saw one other in a full half an hour.

But the low footfall and unpampered overgrowth meant squirrels are both numerous and extraordinarily bold. They seem to have a strong red tinge, to their chops in particular. Are these foreign usurpers going a bit ginger? Or turning Red as Man Wit must surely do come the General Election?

And is this post just a warm up for an attempt to make Jon Henley's Squirrel Nutkins Diary in the Guardian? He did pick up LOL's £1-a-minute exclusive on the Boris phone scam jackpot line, even though no squirrels were harmed in the making of it.



spotthewasteofspace said...

Up late again Chris? Naughty naughty! Are you and you're friend having a sleepover?

No comments though. Oh well, next time?

Chris Paul said...

You should join the inappropriate apostrophe group on facebook you lonely old careless old late night sock puppet you! Pathetic! Where's your blog and I'll come over and keep you company sometimes.

Not a sleepover. Not on a first date. But we could be friends. What do you think?